AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-02-07enable plugin for fuel10HEADmasteralexey-mr
2016-12-02Update version to v2.1.3.v2.1.3alexey-mr
2016-11-17Glance configuration is moved to scaleio openstack puppet modulealexey-mr
2016-11-14Use FTP server as a source with ScaleIO packagesalexey-mr
2016-10-27Update rpm checksum in test report for v2.1.2alexey-mr
2016-10-26v2.1.2 fixes for documentationsalexey-mr
2016-10-19switch to v1.1.4 for scaleio puppet modulesv2.1.2alexey-mr
2016-10-18fixed dependencies for scaleio rolealexey-mr
2016-10-17add explicit version 2.0.0 for tasksalexey-mr
2016-10-17[doc] add pictures for non hyper converged deploymentalexey-mr
2016-10-17set version 2.1.2 and fix docs accordinglyalexey-mr
2016-10-03use github/codedellemcalexey-mr
2016-09-13Added scaleio group of tasks for environment checkalexey-mr
2016-09-12Docs changes according to Miratins review.alexey-mr
2016-09-09remove disclaimer about RC1 from readmealexey-mr
2016-09-08Added scaleio role into deployment_tasksalexey-mr
2016-09-06Non-hyper-converged deployment supportalexey-mr
2016-08-29Update tag & version of rpm in readyv2.1.1alexey-mr
2016-08-29Update docs and readmealexey-mr
2016-08-22[doc] added md5 sum for tested plugin in reportalexey-mr
2016-08-22use v1.1.0 scaleio puppet modulesalexey-mr
2016-08-20[doc] added info about fuel9.0 support, increase vers.alexey-mr
2016-08-17use own pw_hash functionalexey-mr
2016-08-13Use default protection domain in nova according to SDS.alexey-mr
2016-08-11fixed cross dependency loopalexey-mr
2016-08-11Keep other glance storeages in configalexey-mr
2016-08-11Add dependency for glance tasks from upload_cirrosalexey-mr
2016-08-10Don't use admin user for OS services.alexey-mr
2016-08-10Glance over Cinder supportalexey-mr
2016-08-05fixed syntax by puppet-lintAndrey Pavlov
2016-08-04Fixed auto creation of protection domainsalexey-mr
2016-08-02Fix installation procedure in readmealexey-mr
2016-08-02Fix grammar error in resource namealexey-mr
2016-08-02rmcache supportalexey-mr
2016-07-26use sio_name instead of name for puppet_scaleio callsAndrey Pavlov
2016-07-26allow to pass branches to pre_build_hook as RELEASE_TAGAndrey Pavlov
2016-07-16Replace fuel_version comparison with specifig flagalexey-mr
2016-07-16fuel9 related changesalexey-mr
2016-07-14added is_hotpluggable=falsealexey-mr
2016-07-14use own filter_nodes functionalexey-mr
2016-07-14added fuel9 support in metadataalexey-mr
2016-06-30fix double slash because it is not working with s3 repoalexey-mr
2016-06-24Reorganization of projects and repositories.v2.1.0alexey-mr
2016-06-23Remove mentions abotu 6.1/7.0 from masteralexey-mr
2016-06-23update version from Pavlov
2016-01-15Updates ScaleIO module ref (bug fix)scaleio_1.32Adrian Moreno
2016-01-14Updates ScaleIO module reference (bug fix)Adrian Moreno
2016-01-14Updates ScaleIO module reference to fix package installation processAdrian Moreno
2016-01-14Adds support matrix to fileAdrian Moreno
2016-01-14Fixes indentation error in yaml fileAdrian Moreno