AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-05-09Check conntrack backup log in Dom0HEADmasterHuan Xie
2017-05-01Enable VxLAN with XenServerHuan Xie
2017-04-21Deprecate XenServer 6.5 on MOS10Huan Xie
2017-04-18Fix error for patchingjianghua wang
2017-03-13Use XCP as platform name in build supplementak packagesHuan Xie
2017-03-13Merge "Modify document for MOS9.2"Jenkins
2017-03-10Modify document for MOS9.2Huan Xie
2017-03-09Support install suppack multi timesHuan Xie
2017-03-08Use sysctl to enable net.ipv4.ip_forward separatelyjianghua wang
2017-03-06Support vif hotplug in MitakaHuan Xie
2017-03-06Merge "Support HYPERVISOR_NAME contains blank space"Jenkins
2017-03-05Support HYPERVISOR_NAME contains blank spaceHuan Xie
2017-03-03Merge "Add nova compute patches"Jenkins
2017-03-02Fix PEP8 issues in destroy_cached_images.pyJianghua Wang
2017-03-01Add nova compute patchesHuan Xie
2017-03-01Merge "Add a patch for ceilometer to fit MOS9.2"Jenkins
2017-02-28Merge "Support both Ely and Dundee in MOS9"Jenkins
2017-02-28Add a patch for ceilometer to fit MOS9.2Jianghua Wang
2017-02-27Support both Ely and Dundee in MOS9Huan Xie
2016-12-27Support Image cachingJianghua Wang
2016-12-27Merge "Rotate conntrackd's log files"Jenkins
2016-12-16Increase timeout vlaue for installing guest utilitiesBob Ball
2016-12-13Rotate conntrackd's log filesJianghua Wang
2016-11-14Rebrand suppack builderJohn Hua
2016-11-09Merge "Avoid the cronjob filling up dom0's FS"Jenkins
2016-11-09Avoid the cronjob filling up dom0's FSJianghua Wang
2016-11-09Conditionally reconfig multipathJohn Hua
2016-11-04Fix novnc cacheJohn Hua
2016-11-04Convert controller post script to pythonJohn Hua
2016-11-02Fix execute and file patchingJohn Hua
2016-10-21Merge "Avoid except exit due to no TestVM image"Jenkins
2016-10-17Add a tasks version number for each task.Bob Ball
2016-10-14Avoid except exit due to no TestVM imageJianghua Wang
2016-10-14Fix race condition for pcsJianghua Wang
2016-10-10Re-enable ceilometer service after applying some patchesJianghua Wang
2016-10-10Apply two patches for ceilomter servicesJianghua Wang
2016-10-10Merge "Exclude network.service.* polling meters"Jenkins
2016-10-07Exclude network.service.* polling metersJianghua Wang
2016-10-04Fix md5 sum and multiple rebuild bugBob Ball
2016-10-04Auto generate MD5 in test reportBob Ball
2016-10-03Automatically generate MD5 sumsBob Ball
2016-10-03Update docs as requested by MirantisBob Ball
2016-10-03Merge "Improve error condition handling in controller deployment"Jenkins
2016-09-30Only clone the minimum needed for Nova / Neutron.Bob Ball
2016-09-30Improve error condition handling in controller deploymentBob Ball
2016-09-14Update docs for verificationJohn Hua
2016-09-12Merge "Check for HIMN using dhcp discovery"Jenkins
2016-09-09Merge "Disable ceilomter."Jenkins
2016-09-09Clean conntrak-tools.iso related files in make cleanHuan Xie
2016-09-08Merge "Add support of conntrack-tools in Dom0"Jenkins