AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-11-12Trigger an error when hotfix is not installed or password is wrong6.1John Hua
2015-11-12Remove network detailsJohn Hua
2015-10-21Fix further reading section of user guideBob Ball
2015-09-28Add spec for XenServer plugin to give high-level overviewBob Ball
2015-09-25Update User GuideJohn Hua
2015-09-25Persist iptable and route rulesJohn Hua
2015-09-25Update docsBob Ball
2015-09-25Update plugin version to 1.0.1Bob Ball
2015-09-25Rename based on the new repositoryBob Ball
2015-09-25Fix rolesBob Ball
2015-09-25Remove the additional releases from the metadataBob Ball
2015-09-25Optionally install the supplemental packBob Ball
2015-09-18Major update to documentationBob Ball
2015-09-18Add .gitreview fileBob Ball
2015-09-18Fix image multi importJohn Hua
2015-09-16Update download linkJohn Hua
2015-09-16Fix github relative url to raw imageJohn Hua
2015-09-16Add screenshotsJohn Hua
2015-09-16Add installation/user guideJohn Hua
2015-09-16Fix typosJohn Hua
2015-09-15Re-disable additionalservicesJohn Hua
2015-09-15Revert "Add Sahara, Ceilometer and MongoDB"John Hua
2015-09-06Add post-uninstall scriptJohn Hua
2015-09-01Add Sahara, Ceilometer and MongoDBJohn Hua
2015-08-31Auto-enabled plugin text fieldJohn Hua
2015-08-27Use vm-data from XenStore for HIMN discoveryJohn Hua
2015-08-27Build in xs guest toolJohn Hua
2015-08-26device 9 not fixed to eth9John Hua
2015-08-25Fix HIMN eth to eth9John Hua
2015-08-25Unfix HIMN to an auto increment eth numberJohn Hua
2015-08-25Update wizard descriptionsJohn Hua
2015-08-24Build in xenapi sdkJohn Hua
2015-08-21Fix post install current pathJohn Hua
2015-08-16Fix post install hookhuazhihao
2015-08-14Add post installation script to deliver newrelease.yamlJohn Hua
2015-08-14Localize XenAPI.pyJohn Hua
2015-08-14Localize XenAPI.pyJohn Hua
2015-08-13readme amendmentJohn Hua
2015-08-13Amend readmeJohn Hua
2015-08-13Refactor to fuel plugin structureJohn Hua
2015-08-12Fix typoJohn Hua
2015-08-12Add comments for deployment scriptJohn Hua
2015-08-12Some revisionJohn Hua
2015-08-11The real run-thru versionJohn Hua
2015-08-10Fix ssh execution and HIMN routingJohn Hua
2015-08-10Rework shell executionJohn Hua
2015-08-07First run-through versionJohn Hua
2015-08-06Rework HIMN routing and forwardingJohn Hua
2015-08-06Revise HIMN routing and add service restartJohn Hua
2015-08-03Add network detectionJohn Hua