AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-09-12Check for HIMN using dhcp discovery8.0Bob Ball
2016-08-04Merge "Revert "Update version number for trunk development"" into 8.0Jenkins
2016-08-04Merge "Revert "Fix parse error"" into 8.0Jenkins
2016-08-04Merge "Revert "Fix potential security issues"" into 8.0Jenkins
2016-08-04Merge "Revert "Delete image TestVM only"" into 8.0Jenkins
2016-08-04Revert "Update version number for trunk development"Bob Ball
2016-08-04Revert "Fix parse error"Bob Ball
2016-08-04Revert "Fix potential security issues"Bob Ball
2016-08-04Revert "Delete image TestVM only"Bob Ball
2016-08-04Revert "Use platform version to determine compatibility"Bob Ball
2016-08-04Use platform version to determine compatibilityJohn Hua
2016-08-04Delete image TestVM onlyJohn Hua
2016-08-04Fix potential security issuesJohn Hua
2016-08-04Fix parse errorBob Ball
2016-08-04Update version number for trunk developmentBob Ball
2016-06-08Fix broken links and FPB versionJohn Hua
2016-06-07Update release number and add release notesJohn Hua
2016-06-07Static routes should always be added.Bob Ball
2016-06-06Re-fix fuel mirror chapter in test planJohn Hua
2016-06-03Add a note for network configuration with HIMNJohn Hua
2016-06-03Fix fuel mirror chapter in test planJohn Hua
2016-06-02Add image cache fix patchHuan Xie
2016-06-02Replace static-routes with udev rulesJohn Hua
2016-05-20Fix fuel mirror chapterJohn Hua
2016-05-17Remove duplicated incompatible entriesJohn Hua
2016-05-16Fix user guide typoJohn Hua
2016-05-16Add ssh-keyJohn Hua
2016-05-16Modify docs for plugin v3.1.0John Hua
2016-05-16Upgrade to fpb package version 4John Hua
2016-05-16Fix problem when pub and prv use the same networkHuan Xie
2016-05-16sed need to match whole 'phy' and 'aio'Huan Xie
2016-05-16apply sm patchHuan Xie
2016-05-16Add Dundee supportJohn Hua
2016-05-16Accept all packets from HIMNJohn Hua
2016-05-16Disable options in setting tab tooJohn Hua
2016-05-16Rewrite test plan in RSTJohn Hua
2016-04-14Merge "Fix test images"Jenkins
2016-04-14Minor update about test docsJohn Hua
2016-04-13Fix test imagesJohn Hua
2016-04-10plugin-xenserver: Apply patch to speed up writing config driveJianghua Wang
2016-04-05Merge "Fix indentation"Jenkins
2016-04-05Fix indentationJohn Hua
2016-03-29Fix novnc proxy schemeJohn Hua
2016-03-28Rebuild the liberty xenserver Dom0 plugins ISOHuan Xie
2016-03-24Merge "Fuel plugins: Apply patchset to support neutron security group"Jenkins
2016-03-24Merge "Fuel plugins: Add support for using neutron vlan network"Jenkins
2016-03-24Merge "MOS8.0 Make changes to let it work with liberty 1. change glance image...Jenkins
2016-03-24Modify documents up to MOS 8.0 and plugin 3.0John Hua
2016-03-24Fuel plugins: Apply patchset to support neutron security groupHuan Xie
2016-03-24Fuel plugins: Add support for using neutron vlan networkHuan Xie