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2017-02-01Version Kislitsky
2016-06-29Version Kalnitsky
2016-02-26Version Kalnitsky
2016-02-19equipment plugin group addedIlya Kutukov
2015-12-15Parallel strategy was added to the FPB templates for plugins v3 and v4Ilya Kutukov
2015-12-03Add 'group' field to the sample plugin v4Vitaly Kramskikh
2015-12-01Adds is_hotpluggable flag that allows to install plugin to operational enviro...Ilya Kutukov
2015-11-30Plugins version is bumped to the 4.0 supported by Fuel v8.0Ilya Kutukov
2015-10-19Restructuring files in projectAlexey Shtokolov