AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-04-07Fix tests for cluster deletionHEADmasterAlexander Kurenyshev
2017-03-16Merge "Renamed deprecated .eslintrc to .eslintrc.yaml"Jenkins
2017-03-16Renamed deprecated .eslintrc to .eslintrc.yamlDennis Mathew Philip
2017-03-16Merge "Fixes a code typo in gulpfile"Jenkins
2017-03-15Fixes a code typo in gulpfileDennis Mathew Philip
2017-03-14Change testgroups to remove whitespacesekhomyakova
2017-03-02Fix/refactor UI tests after migration from 9.xekhomyakova
2017-02-22Remove wizard translations of Murano option11.0.0.0rc1Julia Aranovich
2017-02-22Remove Ceilometer and MongoDB codeJulia Aranovich
2017-02-20Merge "Fetch only last notifications in notifications popover"Jenkins
2017-02-14Remove VMware codeJulia Aranovich
2017-02-10Merge "Fix workflows table layout"Jenkins
2017-02-10Fetch only last notifications in notifications popoverJulia Aranovich
2017-02-10Merge "Fix the check of bonds creation in tests for real plugins"Jenkins
2017-02-10Fix workflows table layoutJulia Aranovich
2017-02-10Fix the check of bonds creation in tests for real pluginsekhomyakova
2017-02-09Fetch unread notifications numberJulia Aranovich
2017-02-08Merge "Display ellipsis in case of long node name"Jenkins
2017-02-08Display ellipsis in case of long node nameJulia Aranovich
2017-02-08Disable Log In button in case of empty credentialsJulia Aranovich
2017-02-06Merge "Fix translation on Deployment Only dashboard panel"Jenkins
2017-02-06Fix translation on Deployment Only dashboard panelJulia Aranovich
2017-02-06Restore MTU testsJulia Aranovich
2017-01-26Add bulk offline node removalJulia Aranovich
2017-01-19Change the value of hugepages for dpdkAnastasiya
2017-01-18Restore workflow checkJulia Aranovich
2017-01-17Merge "Update year in Fuel UI copyright"Jenkins
2017-01-17Update year in Fuel UI copyrightJulia Aranovich
2017-01-12Adapt plugin-tests to run on real nailgunekhomyakova
2017-01-10Fix workflow file URL generationVitaly Kramskikh
2017-01-06Change the value of hugepages for dpdkGeorgy Kibardin
2016-12-29Fix meta of a new bondJulia Aranovich
2016-12-28Add automatization for the rest of NICs testsekhomyakova
2016-12-23Merge "Support "nullable" setting attribute"Jenkins
2016-12-23Support "nullable" setting attributeJulia Aranovich
2016-12-23Fix Apply button progress state on interface management screenVitaly Kramskikh
2016-12-21Add tests for NICs feature, adapt as plugin-testsekhomyakova
2016-12-21Allow to redeploy error nodesJulia Aranovich
2016-12-19Merge "Pass interface model to validation"Jenkins
2016-12-16Skip workflow checkJulia Aranovich
2016-12-16Pass interface model to validationJulia Aranovich
2016-12-08Handle setting with undefined weightJulia Aranovich
2016-12-08Merge "Fix sorting of settings"Jenkins
2016-12-08Merge "Fix Reset Environment button styles"Jenkins
2016-12-08Fix Reset Environment button stylesJulia Aranovich
2016-12-08Restore maximum 100 symbols for cluster nameJulia Aranovich
2016-12-06Fix render of transaction summaryJulia Aranovich
2016-12-05Fix sorting of settingsJulia Aranovich
2016-12-05Merge "Fix removing node layout"Jenkins
2016-12-05Fix removing node layoutJulia Aranovich