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masterFix links in README.rst and description mime typeChris Dent5 months
0.2.0commit d130b0bbad...Chris Dent5 months
0.1.1commit 283e901d24...Chris Dent14 months
0.1.0commit 1fe8486eec...Chris Dent14 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-10-29Fix links in README.rst and description mime typeHEADmasterChris Dent
2018-10-29Don't include version information in pythonChris Dent
2018-10-29Add rudimentary docs0.2.0Chris Dent
2018-10-26Provide a gabbi-tempest job, tested by itselfChris Dent
2018-10-18Add zuul noop jobs and .gitreview to get started.Chris Dent
2018-10-15Apparently don't need .zuul.yaml initially.Chris Dent
2018-10-15Add a .zuul.yaml to plan for import to openstack infraChris Dent
2018-01-10release Dent
2018-01-10Only set flavor and image vars from conf is conf has themChris Dent
2018-01-09Merge pull request #2 from cdent/gabbi-tempest-path0.1.0Chris Dent