AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-02-11Merge "Deprecated tox -downloadcache option removed"HEADmasterJenkins
2015-12-23remove python 2.6 trove classifierDoug Hellmann
2015-12-11Deprecated tox -downloadcache option removedOndřej Nový
2015-03-31Make it abundantly clear that Gantt is deadMonty Taylor
2014-03-27Merge "Claim Gantt repo as currently for testing purposes"Jenkins
2014-03-27Claim Gantt repo as currently for testing purposesSylvain Bauza
2014-03-26Switch to oslosphinxSergey Lukjanov
2014-02-10Remove tox locale overridesJeremy Stanley
2014-02-06Get gantt to pass unit testsDon Dugger
2014-02-06Add/remove nova filesDon Dugger
2014-01-06Update readme fileDon Dugger
2014-01-05Change various nova references to gantt in config filesDon Dugger
2014-01-02Move files from nova treeVishvananda Ishaya
2013-12-26Minimal changes to get gantt passing the gateJoe Gordon
2013-12-12Remove 2 client filesDon Dugger
2013-12-11Rename nova subdirectory to ganttDon Dugger
2013-12-11Merge "Hide injected_file related quotas for V3 API"Jenkins
2013-12-11Merge "Updated from global requirements"OpenStack Jenkins
2013-12-10Updated from global requirementsOpenStack Jenkins
2013-12-10Merge "Sync oslo lockutils for "fix lockutils.lock() to make it thread-safe""Jenkins
2013-12-10Merge "Quota violations should not cause a stacktrace in the logs"Jenkins
2013-12-10Sync oslo lockutils for "fix lockutils.lock() to make it thread-safe"Matt Riedemann
2013-12-10Merge "baremetal: volume driver refactoring and tests"Jenkins
2013-12-10Merge "Sync middleware audit, base, and notifier from oslo"Jenkins
2013-12-10Merge "Libvirt:Instance resize confirm issue against NFS"Jenkins
2013-12-10Merge "Raise better exception if duplicate security groups"Jenkins
2013-12-09Merge "Remove the largely obsolete basepath helper"Jenkins
2013-12-09Merge "Clean up unused variables"Jenkins
2013-12-09Merge "Fix UnboundLocalError in libvirt.driver._close_callback"Jenkins
2013-12-09Merge "xenapi: stop hang during glance download"Jenkins
2013-12-09Merge "Use 201 instead of 200 for action create of flavor-manage v3"Jenkins
2013-12-09Merge "Remove duplicate setting of os_type in libvirt config builder"Jenkins
2013-12-09Merge "Fix logic in LibvirtConnTestCase._check_xml_and_uri"Jenkins
2013-12-08Merge "Check if reboot request type is None"Jenkins
2013-12-08Sync middleware audit, base, and notifier from osloBrad Pokorny
2013-12-08Merge "Sync rpc fix from oslo-incubator"Jenkins
2013-12-08Merge "fakevirt: return hypervisor_version as an int instead of a string"Jenkins
2013-12-08Hide injected_file related quotas for V3 APIChris Yeoh
2013-12-08Merge "Fix HTTP response code for network APIs and improve error message"Jenkins
2013-12-07Merge "Added a new scheduler metrics weight plugin"Jenkins
2013-12-07Merge "Fix changes-since filter for list-servers API"Jenkins
2013-12-07Merge "Document when config options were deprecated"Jenkins
2013-12-07Merge "Libvirt: Adding video device to instances"Jenkins
2013-12-07Merge "Configuration element for describing video drivers."Jenkins
2013-12-07Merge "Remove traces of V3 personality extension from api samples"Jenkins
2013-12-07Merge "Removes os-personalities extension from the V3 API"Jenkins
2013-12-07Merge "Compact pre-Icehouse database migrations <= 160."Jenkins
2013-12-07Merge "Compact pre-Icehouse database migrations <= 150."Jenkins
2013-12-07Merge "libvirt: remove unused imports from fake libvirt utils"Jenkins
2013-12-07Merge "Imported Translations from Transifex"OpenStack Jenkins