AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-07-21Migrate to managing job config in-repoHEADmasterDarragh Bailey
2018-06-29Align with openstack check-requirementsDarragh Bailey
2018-04-27Merge "Support recent git changes to merge options"Zuul
2018-04-27Merge "Handle explicit merges"Zuul
2018-04-21Trivial: Update pypi url to new urlmelissaml
2018-03-10Support recent git changes to merge optionsDarragh Bailey
2018-03-06Handle explicit mergesDarragh Bailey
2018-03-06Correct typo and add a few additional debug statementsDarragh Bailey
2017-06-26Merge "Consolidate some author email addresses"Jenkins
2017-04-14Merge "Update to latest Sphinx for documentation"Jenkins
2017-04-11Update to latest Sphinx for documentationDarragh Bailey
2017-04-10Consolidate some author email addressesDarragh Bailey
2017-03-31Handle multiple non-contributing commits being mergedDarragh Bailey
2017-03-31Handle non contributing merges where no importDarragh Bailey
2017-03-27Find better import merge commit candidateDarragh Bailey
2017-03-16Include merge commit being examined in debug logDarragh Bailey
2017-03-16Merge "Exclude some unnecessary merge commits from history"Jenkins
2017-03-09Exclude some unnecessary merge commits from historyDarragh Bailey
2017-02-17Add docs on how the import branch is namedPaul Bourke
2017-02-13Fix test and resulting random failuresDarragh Bailey
2017-02-10Clean up basic inaccuracies in documentationDarragh Bailey
2017-02-10Tidy up subcommands page titleDarragh Bailey
2017-02-10Merge "Update README and better divide inclusion into main docs"Jenkins
2017-02-02Update README and better divide inclusion into main docsDarragh Bailey
2017-01-31Merge "Fix searcher debug output"Jenkins
2016-12-08Switch to range from xrange for python 3 compatibilityDarragh Bailey
2016-12-07Fix searcher debug outputManuel Desbonnet
2016-11-28Merge "Regression test for sequence editor causing hang"Jenkins
2016-11-22Merge "Simplify custom logging classes"Jenkins
2016-11-18Regression test for sequence editor causing hangDarragh Bailey
2016-11-18Merge "Expand on ambiguous arguments in test description"Jenkins
2016-11-18Support GitHub cross references using source filesDarragh Bailey
2016-11-17Merge "Use sphinxcontrib-fulltoc"Jenkins
2016-11-16Merge "Modify README to allow partial include"Jenkins
2016-11-16Use sphinxcontrib-fulltocDarragh Bailey
2016-11-16Merge "Ensure logging is checked by most tests"Jenkins
2016-11-16Expand on ambiguous arguments in test descriptionDarragh Bailey
2016-11-15Modify README to allow partial includeDarragh Bailey
2016-11-14Add basic documentation and migrate README & USAGEDarragh Bailey
2016-11-11Switch to ReSTructured text from markdownDarragh Bailey
2016-11-11Merge "Fix read-the-docs doc building"Jenkins
2016-11-11Fix read-the-docs doc buildingDarragh Bailey
2016-11-08Add tox env for checking links in docsDarragh Bailey
2016-11-08Fix docs build manpage on python3Darragh Bailey
2016-11-02Update ChangeLog for Bailey
2016-11-01Include files for sphinx based documentationDarragh Bailey
2016-11-01Auto build and install default man pageDarragh Bailey
2016-11-01Move build_manpage utility to doc areaDarragh Bailey
2016-11-01Ensure correct prog name available to manpageDarragh Bailey
2016-11-01Update authorsDarragh Bailey