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masterMerge "Clarify TC goal-setting role"Zuul2 hours
feb-2019-electionscommit c452ccff32...Doug Hellmann47 hours
0.3.0commit 6d1008c7b7...OpenStack Release Bot2 weeks
0.2.0commit 92c03a9fee...OpenStack Release Bot3 months
0.1.0commit 6ea5fcac5b...Doug Hellmann3 months
sept-2018-electionscommit 0aa4de942a...Doug Hellmann6 months
aug-2018-electionscommit cefd60f94f...Doug Hellmann7 months
apr-2018-electionscommit c8ca05a29b...Thierry Carrez10 months
feb-2018-electionscommit 9bacdb9c6d...Thierry Carrez13 months
oct-2017-electionscommit 66b940f739...Thierry Carrez16 months
aug-2017-electionscommit a50d69d03f...Thierry Carrez19 months
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2 hoursMerge "Clarify TC goal-setting role"HEADmasterZuul
29 hoursMerge "simplify the links to operating systems"Zuul
29 hoursMerge "Amend reference/PTI to add openSUSE"Zuul
2 daysMerge "Create separate Placement project"feb-2019-electionsZuul
3 dayssimplify the links to operating systemsDoug Hellmann
8 daysMerge "Remove instack"Zuul
8 daysClarify TC goal-setting roleThierry Carrez
9 daysRevert "Add link to activity metrics to team pages"Sean McGinnis
9 daysAdd link to activity metrics to team pagesThierry Carrez
9 daysDo not mention Extra ATCs if there are noneThierry Carrez