BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
feature/qosQuality of Service support via NSPsIgor Duarte Cardoso2 years
feature/refactorRefactor GBP resource mapping with Neutron RESTful APIsYi Yang4 years
master[AIM] Add RPC endpoint unit testsRobert Kukura5 days
stable/mitakaFix per-project quotas for L3 pluginThomas Bachman19 months
stable/newton[AIM] Add RPC endpoint unit testsRobert Kukura4 days
stable/ocata[AIM] Add RPC endpoint unit testsRobert Kukura4 days
stable/pike[AIM] Add RPC endpoint unit testsRobert Kukura4 days
stable/queens[AIM] Add RPC endpoint unit testsRobert Kukura4 days
5.14.0commit 4f3ac79544...Thomas Bachman3 months
6.9.0commit 06b9508ce6...Thomas Bachman3 months
7.3.0commit e74b29c637...Thomas Bachman3 months
8.2.0commit 7139766eb6...Thomas Bachman3 months
8.1.0commit e4edc8efc2...Thomas Bachman5 months
5.13.0commit 88fe779d5a...Thomas Bachman6 months
6.8.0commit bd5a5f38b0...Thomas Bachman6 months
7.2.0commit 222cdc84de...Thomas Bachman6 months
8.0.0commit fb9430c541...Thomas Bachman6 months
5.12.0commit 4af91eb3a6...Sumit Naiksatam8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 days[AIM] Add RPC endpoint unit testsHEADmasterRobert Kukura
11 days[AIM] Use new streamlined RPC implementation by defaultRobert Kukura
11 days[AIM] Remove raw_sql RPC implementationRobert Kukura
2019-03-01Merge "[AIM] Fix teardown in NotificationTest"Zuul
2019-02-28[AIM] Fix teardown in NotificationTestRobert Kukura
2019-02-23[AIM] Move code from policy driver to mechanism driverRobert Kukura
2019-02-22[AIM] Dispatch Opflex RPCs directly to the mechanism driverRobert Kukura
2019-02-22[AIM] New streamlined Opflex RPC handlerRobert Kukura
2019-02-20Add a try except block while calling Nova APIKent Wu
2019-02-10Merge "Add support for CIDRs in allowed-adddress-pairs"Zuul