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2018-07-26Add API doc for files_container supportrabi
2018-04-12Merge "Add environment_files parameter in CREATE_STACK request"Zuul
2018-03-27Move openstackdocstheme to extensions in api-refwanghui
2018-02-09Fix some typosAtsushi Sasaki
2017-11-30Add environment_files parameter in CREATE_STACK requestliyi
2017-11-14Return Environment from validate_templateSteven Hardy
2017-11-08Add REST api support for cancel without rollbackrabi
2017-08-07Add converge flag in stack update for observing on realityricolin
2017-07-21Merge "[api-ref] Correct config_id in url instead of in body"Jenkins
2017-07-13Change tags type from 'string' to 'array'liyi
2017-07-06[api-ref] Correct config_id in url instead of in bodyhuangtianhua
2017-04-17Fix doc generation for Python3M V P Nitesh
2017-04-06Merge "Modify 'List template functions' API response parameter."Jenkins
2017-03-17Merge "Fix api-ref build with Sphinx 1.5"Jenkins
2017-03-15Put error response codes into 'error' grouphuangtianhua
2017-03-15Modify 'List template functions' API response parameter.liyi
2017-03-09Modify stack_name regular expression in Orchestration APIliyi
2017-03-07Fix api-ref build with Sphinx 1.5Andreas Jaeger
2016-12-26Merge "Make *_id/name_url required for api-ref"Jenkins
2016-12-23Trivial fix some typos in api-refKevin_Zheng
2016-12-22Make *_id/name_url required for api-refhuangtianhua
2016-12-14Correct response of template-version-listhuangtianhua
2016-12-05Allow mark-unhealthy by physical resource IDTanvir Talukder
2016-10-07Correct invalid git URL in LogABug configpawnesh.kumar
2016-09-23Fix typo 'duplcate' to 'duplicate' in status.yamlgengchc2
2016-09-13Merge "[api-ref] Remove temporary block in"Jenkins
2016-09-07Merge "[api-ref] Rewrite the Heat API version"Jenkins
2016-09-07[api-ref] Remove temporary block in conf.pyNguyen Phuong An
2016-09-05Correcting parameter typeHa Van Tu
2016-08-31[api-ref] Rewrite the Heat API versionHa Van Tu
2016-08-31Config logABug feature for heat api-refNguyen Phuong An
2016-08-29Change type of X-Openstack-Request-IdNguyen Phuong An
2016-08-23Fix problems left in api-reftengqm
2016-08-23Merge "api-ref - software config status codes"Jenkins
2016-08-23Merge "api-ref - template version and functions"Jenkins
2016-08-23Merge "api-ref - stack actions"Jenkins
2016-08-23Merge "api-ref - events"Jenkins
2016-08-23Merge "api-ref - stack snapshots"Jenkins
2016-08-23Merge "api-ref - stack resources"Jenkins
2016-08-23Merge "api-ref - services/stack-outputs doc"Jenkins
2016-08-23Merge "api-ref - stack identity usage in find calls"Jenkins
2016-08-22api-ref - software config status codestengqm
2016-08-22api-ref - template version and functionstengqm
2016-08-22api-ref - stack actionstengqm
2016-08-22api-ref - eventstengqm
2016-08-22api-ref - stack snapshotstengqm
2016-08-22api-ref - stack resourcestengqm
2016-08-22api-ref - services/stack-outputs doctengqm
2016-08-22Merge "api-ref - build/resource-type/versions"Jenkins
2016-08-22api-ref - stack identity usage in find callstengqm