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2018-04-27Merge "Docs: modernise links"Zuul
2018-04-11Docs: modernise linksZane Bitter
2018-04-01Remove mox usage from test_docker_containerricolin
2018-04-01Fix broken test in DockerContainerTestricolin
2018-02-19Merge "heat_docker: Require docker instead of docker-py"Zuul
2018-02-09Remove contrib/rackspaceZane Bitter
2018-01-12heat_docker: Require docker instead of docker-pyThomas Bechtold
2017-05-08Remove usage of parameter enforce_typeChangBo Guo(gcb)
2017-03-25Remove log translationsliyi
2017-01-23Remove py26 supportLuong Anh Tuan
2017-01-04Fix a small nit of docshuangtianhua
2016-08-15Merge "Add version keyword argument to RAX glanceclient"Jenkins
2016-07-15Add version keyword argument to RAX glanceclientJason Dunsmore
2016-07-13Merge "Fix Cloud Server image/flavor combination validation"Jenkins
2016-07-29modify the home-page info with the developer documentationgengchc2
2016-06-29Merge "Sync context with oslo.context"Jenkins
2016-06-28Merge "Correct the usage of properties.get() with default value"Jenkins
2016-06-28Correct the usage of properties.get() with default valuehuangtianhua
2016-06-27Correct message when extension is not availableDmitriy Uvarenkov
2016-06-23 Fix some spelling mistakes in heat as follows:gecong1973
2016-06-17Sync context with oslo.contextJamie Lennox
2016-06-07Get rid of gratuitous use of six.iterkeys()Zane Bitter
2016-05-18Fix Cloud Server image/flavor combination validationJason Dunsmore
2016-05-16Merge "Unit tests: Don't use ResourceDefinition as cfn snippet"Jenkins
2016-05-16Merge "Don't treat ResourceDefinition as cfn template in resources"Jenkins
2016-05-13Break reference cycle in KeystoneClient pluginsZane Bitter
2016-05-01Unit tests: Don't use ResourceDefinition as cfn snippetZane Bitter
2016-05-01Don't treat ResourceDefinition as cfn template in resourcesZane Bitter
2016-04-13Use the ResourceDefinition.Diff API in resourcesZane Bitter
2016-04-11Set enforce_type=True on config overrides in testsAngus Salkeld
2016-03-15Resolve name/id using translation rules for ServerRabi Mishra
2016-03-06Merge "Use oslo.utils.reflection to extract class name"Jenkins
2016-03-02Merge "Add image/flavor validation to Rackspace Server"Jenkins
2016-03-02Merge "remove containers on delete"Jenkins
2016-02-26Merge "Make AutoScale sub-template a string instead of map"Jenkins
2016-02-22Add image/flavor validation to Rackspace ServerPratik Mallya
2016-02-18Make AutoScale sub-template a string instead of mapJason Dunsmore
2016-02-17Force config_drive and transport for sw configRandall Burt
2016-02-16Use oslo.utils.reflection to extract class nameBo Wang
2016-02-15Add support for launch_stack launchConfiguration typeJason Dunsmore
2016-02-04Remove extraneous fields from Cloud LoadBalancer access listJason Dunsmore
2016-02-02Merge "Fix import order"Jenkins
2016-02-01Fix import orderBo Wang
2016-01-28Assign defaults for Cloud Loadbalancer node type and weightJason Dunsmore
2016-01-27Merge "Add Rackspace::Cloud::LBNode"Jenkins
2016-01-27Add Rackspace::Cloud::LBNodeDrago Rosson
2016-01-27Use custom find functions for image lookupRabi Mishra
2016-01-26Merge "Make ASG resource work when no lb is specified"Jenkins
2016-01-19Make ASG resource work when no lb is specifiedPratik Mallya
2016-01-19Edit backslashes for lines continuationOleg Khavroshin