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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
8 daysModify the prompt of update networkpengyuesheng
2019-01-16pylint: fix len-as-condition warningAkihiro Motoki
2018-02-17django2: Replace django.core.urlresolves with django.urlsAkihiro Motoki
2017-10-24Implement setting availability zone hint on network creationTrygve Vea
2017-07-10Removed default value for 'Physical Network'Beth Elwell
2017-04-28Do not display UUID in network/rotuer formsAkihiro Motoki
2017-04-27Merge "Ensure log messages are not translated"Jenkins
2017-04-14Use BooleanField for admin_state_up formAkihiro Motoki
2017-04-11Ensure log messages are not translatedAkihiro Motoki
2017-03-31Handle log message interpolation by the loggerGábor Antal
2017-03-22Remove all remaining vendor specific codeRob Cresswell
2017-03-10Provide available physical networks on create network modalYing Zuo
2017-02-16Allow subnet creation from admin networks panelYing Zuo
2017-01-20Fix issues on create network and create port modalsYing Zuo
2016-08-12Add Try/Exception block to Network FormsAnkur Gupta
2016-06-13Horizon selects are now themable: Admin PanelsDiana Whitten
2016-04-15Sync segmentation ID ranges with NeutronYAMAMOTO Takashi
2016-04-15Add Geneve supportYAMAMOTO Takashi
2016-04-15Add network types used by midonetYAMAMOTO Takashi
2016-04-11Make neutron provider network configuration more flexibleAkihiro Motoki
2015-04-21added network id field in admin's update network modelMasco Kaliyamoorthy
2014-12-16Make admin_state translatableliyingjun
2014-10-16Merge "Make "VLAN", "VXLAN" and "GRE" translatable"Jenkins
2014-10-15Make "VLAN", "VXLAN" and "GRE" translatableDoug Fish
2014-10-15Fix E128 errors in openstack_dashboard/dashboards/admin/Akihiro Motoki
2014-09-30remove read-only network ID field from Edit Network formWlodzimierz Borkowski
2014-09-17Made Admin State choice more human readableSam Betts
2014-09-14Use integer instead of string for form max_lengthAkihiro Motoki
2014-08-05Support provider network extension when creating networkJustin Pomeroy
2014-07-15Run router dashboard unit tests by defaultAbishek Subramanian
2014-05-06Remove extraneous vim configuration commentsHe Yongli
2014-01-07Remove #noqa from most common imports and add them to import_exceptionsRadomir Dopieralski
2013-12-16Make Neutron API name consistentAkihiro MOTOKI
2013-09-04Add Cisco N1K plugin support in HorizonAbishek Subramanian
2013-08-22Enable H302 checkTatiana Mazur
2013-08-13Enable H201: do not write "except:"Kieran Spear
2013-07-09update Quantum references to NeutronMark McClain
2013-06-05Adding pagination to the tenant viewsZhenguo Niu
2013-05-01Enable using multiple API versions for Identity Service.Gabriel Hurley
2013-01-06Improve Quantum panels to Folsom advanced featuresAkihiro MOTOKI
2012-12-19Fixes PEP8 errors as reported by pep8 1.3.4Julie Pichon
2012-10-11Splits OpenStack Dashboard bits from framework app code.Gabriel Hurley