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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-25Merge "Add py36 and py37 tox envs"Zuul
2019-03-25Merge "Drop py35 jobs"Zuul
2019-03-18Add py36 and py37 tox envsmanchandavishal
2019-03-05Switch integration tests to run with python3Ivan Kolodyazhny
2019-02-27Drop py35 jobsmanchandavishal
2019-01-12Enable pylint in horizonAkihiro Motoki
2019-01-11Merge "tox: Reuse envdirs"Zuul
2018-12-28Fix command line of bandit-baselineAkihiro Motoki
2018-12-25tox: Reuse envdirsAkihiro Motoki
2018-12-23Allow to run pep8/docs tox env with horizon pluginsAkihiro Motoki
2018-11-10Bump hacking to 1.1.0Akihiro Motoki
2018-10-30Remove check from pep8 jobSean McGinnis
2018-09-06Merge "Add py3-dj21 tox env for Django 2.1"Zuul
2018-08-27Run bandit job with python3Akihiro Motoki
2018-08-27Add py3-dj21 tox env for Django 2.1Akihiro Motoki
2018-07-16Merge "Add Bandit non-voting job"Zuul
2018-07-11Merge "Modify the 'tox.ini' file"Zuul
2018-07-08Modify the 'tox.ini' fileQian Min Chen
2018-06-22Add Bandit non-voting jobIvan Kolodyazhny
2018-06-21Fix and reorganize tox env definitionsAkihiro Motoki
2018-06-15Fix tox py27integration environmentIvan Kolodyazhny
2018-06-08Use default Django test runner instead of noseIvan Kolodyazhny
2018-06-08Merge "Add python3 django 1.11 job instead of django 2.0 job"Zuul
2018-06-08Add python3 django 1.11 job instead of django 2.0 jobAkihiro Motoki
2018-06-06fix tox python3 overridesDoug Hellmann
2018-05-07Merge "Make babel_extract_angular work with python 3"Zuul
2018-04-11Make babel_extract_angular work with python 3Akihiro Motoki
2018-04-11Fix E402 warningsAkihiro Motoki
2018-04-11Fix W503 warningsAkihiro Motoki
2018-04-11Fix pep8 errorsAkihiro Motoki
2018-03-29Merge "add lower-constraints job"Zuul
2018-03-26add lower-constraints jobDoug Hellmann
2018-03-25Follow the new PTI for document buildAkihiro Motoki
2018-03-11Update tox.iniAkihiro Motoki
2018-03-08Update upper-constraints consumptionMonty Taylor
2018-02-07Enable more hacking-extensionsLuong Anh Tuan
2018-01-07tox: run doc8 in pep8Akihiro Motoki
2017-12-27Drop unnecessary executable flagsAkihiro Motoki
2017-11-30Prepare test env for Django 2.0 with python 3.5Akihiro Motoki
2017-11-22tox: allow to specify module when running pep8 envAkihiro Motoki
2017-11-17Add django.wsgi to target of pep8chao liu
2017-11-13Merge "Add Django OpenStack Auth to Horizon"Zuul
2017-10-09Remove license headers to openstack_dashboard/enabled/* filesIvan Kolodyazhny
2017-09-27Add Django OpenStack Auth to HorizonRob Cresswell
2017-09-20flake8-import-order: Ensure to place project imports lastAkihiro Motoki
2017-08-21Make nosehtmloutput an optional test requirementThomas Bechtold
2017-07-19Use doc8 checkAkihiro Motoki
2017-07-08Fix py27dj18 definitionAkihiro Motoki
2017-07-07Add '*.pyc' clean up for unit_testsMichael Dovgal
2017-07-05Add Django 1.11 tox envRob Cresswell