AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-07-25Add procedures/scripts as starting point of multi-DC deploymentHEADmasterChangbin Liu
2013-12-12Add a script to install libvirt and enable KVM/Qemu VM live migrationChangbin Liu
2013-12-06Upgrade scripts to install Open vSwtich 2.0.0Changbin Liu
2013-12-05Supply horizon-compatible Web UIAndrew Forrest
2013-11-27Support use of token value in place of password.Andrew Forrest
2013-10-19Merge "Provide simple RESTful API + WSGI Server"Jenkins
2013-10-18Provide simple RESTful API + WSGI ServerAndrew Forrest
2013-10-14Added appendix which describes all commandline options for orchestrator.pyScott Daniels
2013-09-29Merge "Added instructions to build images and cleaned up trailing whitespace"Jenkins
2013-09-27Added instructions to build images and cleaned up trailing whitespaceScott Daniels
2013-09-25Fix flavor type bug in config optsChangbin Liu
2013-09-22Rename "LOGGER" to "LOG"Changbin Liu
2013-09-20Merge "Change arguments "image" and "flavor" from ID to name"Jenkins
2013-09-19Add Scott as authorChangbin Liu
2013-09-19Change arguments "image" and "flavor" from ID to nameChangbin Liu
2013-09-19Merge "Include scripts in package: chef + orchestrator"Jenkins
2013-09-19Merge "Add re-raise argument to start() and cleanup()"Jenkins
2013-09-18Include scripts in package: chef + orchestratorAndrew Forrest
2013-09-18Illustrations are now generated into PDF files to support older versions of texScott Daniels
2013-09-18Merge "Defalt to using sh instead of ksh in makefiles, but allow override by ...Jenkins
2013-09-18Email address change for author Forrest.Andrew Forrest
2013-09-18Defalt to using sh instead of ksh in makefiles, but allow override by user.Scott Daniels
2013-09-18Add re-raise argument to start() and cleanup()Changbin Liu
2013-09-17Initial push of doc and related files to repo.Scott Daniels
2013-09-05Merge "Force tty (stdin) closed on ssh commands."Jenkins
2013-09-05Merge "Add doc folder and README.rst"Jenkins
2013-09-05Force tty (stdin) closed on ssh commands.Scott Daniels
2013-09-05Merge "Add --force-yes to and make all bin/*.sh executa...Jenkins
2013-09-03Add doc folder and README.rstChangbin Liu
2013-08-31Remove restriction # of workers <= 5Changbin Liu
2013-08-30Add --force-yes to and make all bin/*.shChangbin Liu
2013-08-30Add OpenFlow/SDN support for VXLAN mesh-topology networksChangbin Liu
2013-08-28Break multiple imports to multiple linesChangbin Liu
2013-08-28Remove fallback to distutilsAndrew Forrest
2013-08-28Merge "Adds inception.utils to inception package."Jenkins
2013-08-28Adds inception.utils to inception package.Andrew Forrest
2013-08-28Modify README to reflect our wiki and launchpad pagesChangbin Liu
2013-08-26Add license to *.py filesChangbin Liu
2013-07-17Remove WebUI TODOChangbin Liu
2013-07-17Add a CONF option for chefserver image idChangbin Liu
2013-07-17Use logging instead of printChangbin Liu
2013-07-15Remove hardcoded '-' as concatenation char between prefix and nameChangbin Liu
2013-07-10Change chef-repo URL to AT&T'sChangbin Liu
2013-07-09Move FuncThread to utils.wrapperChangbin Liu
2013-07-09Cleanup oslo.configChangbin Liu
2013-07-03Incoporate oslo.config facilities in InceptionAndrew Forrest
2013-07-02Add 'install_requires=' parameter to Forrest
2013-06-28Expand README with more detailsChangbin Liu
2013-06-27Order module imports by alphabetical sequenceChangbin Liu
2013-06-27Mark TODOs and modify some commentsChangbin Liu