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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-07-25Add procedures/scripts as starting point of multi-DC deploymentHEADmasterChangbin Liu
2013-12-12Add a script to install libvirt and enable KVM/Qemu VM live migrationChangbin Liu
2013-12-06Upgrade scripts to install Open vSwtich 2.0.0Changbin Liu
2013-09-22Rename "LOGGER" to "LOG"Changbin Liu
2013-08-30Add --force-yes to and make all bin/*.shChangbin Liu
2013-08-30Add OpenFlow/SDN support for VXLAN mesh-topology networksChangbin Liu
2013-07-17Add a CONF option for chefserver image idChangbin Liu
2013-07-17Use logging instead of printChangbin Liu
2013-06-20Fix switch kernel bug and multi-thread issueChangbin Liu
2013-06-11Change slightly to ssh-keyfile and TODOsChangbin Liu
2013-06-10Add userdata done testChangbin Liu
2013-06-10Rename pre-installation scriptsChangbin Liu
2013-06-10Shorten sleep time of failsafe and cloud-init-nonetChangbin Liu
2013-06-10Fix /dev/sdb mount issue upon rebootChangbin Liu
2013-06-05Add "|| true" to resolvconf removeChangbin Liu
2013-06-05Add pre-install scriptsChangbin Liu
2013-05-30Add pre-install chef packages scriptChangbin Liu
2013-05-24Automatically partition /dev/vdbYun Mao
2013-05-21Update environmentChangbin Liu
2013-05-21Rename git_chef_repo and git_chef_repo_branchChangbin Liu
2013-05-20Add new options to customize chef repoYun Mao
2013-05-19Hostname and userdataChangbin Liu
2013-05-13Bootstrap chef client with IP-based urlYun Mao
2013-05-13Use IP address instead of hostname for chef server urlYun Mao
2013-05-12* add txnal option: whether auto delete servers upon exceptionChangbin Liu
2013-05-10Add Orchestrator classChangbin Liu
2013-05-07Add setup chef repo scriptYun Mao
2013-05-07Name the client chefrootYun Mao
2013-05-07Add script to configure knifeYun Mao
2013-05-07Use a tmp file instead of pipe to avoid human interventionYun Mao
2013-05-07Remove extra spacesYun Mao
2013-05-07Add the script to install chef server 0.10Yun Mao