BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUpdate routed network renoHarald Jensas3 days
stable/newtonRemove RH1 OVB jobs from configurationSagi Shnaidman4 weeks
stable/ocataLoad undercloud DB password to a mistral environmentCarlos Camacho3 weeks
stable/pikeMerge "Zuul: Remove project name" into stable/pikeZuul5 days
7.4.9commit 900a198335...OpenStack Release Bot6 days
6.1.5commit aeac66c9ec...OpenStack Release Bot10 days
8.2.0commit 5dd4e93f59...OpenStack Release Bot3 weeks
6.1.4commit 7e65c96ece...OpenStack Release Bot4 weeks
7.4.8commit 6b6b4b3991...OpenStack Release Bot4 weeks
5.3.7commit 6842a3cdc6...OpenStack Release Bot4 weeks
7.4.7commit 5004fa5c77...OpenStack Release Bot6 weeks
5.3.6commit f48b9024cd...OpenStack Release Bot6 weeks
7.4.6commit 0191cd4933...OpenStack Release Bot2 months
8.1.0commit 758e8caee0...OpenStack Release Bot3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysUpdate routed network renoHEADmasterHarald Jensas
3 daysMake routed networks optionalHarald Jensas
5 daysMerge "docker: use ensure_resource"Zuul
5 daysMerge "Catch APIException exceptions raised by Mistral"Zuul
5 daysCatch APIException exceptions raised by MistralDougal Matthews
6 daysAdd option to install the Octavia clientCarlos Goncalves
6 daysdocker: use ensure_resourceEmilien Macchi
10 daysIncrease the Mistral cron_trigger intervalDougal Matthews
10 daysFix typo that can prevent undercloud installation.Sofer Athlan-Guyot
13 daysTripleo routed networks ironic inspector, and UndercloudHarald Jensas