AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-05-04Merge "NFV workload"HEADmasterJenkins
2017-05-04NFV workloadyaohelan
2017-05-03Fix floating IP logic in destroyMark T. Voelker
2017-05-03Added cockroachdb cluster setup across multiple cloudsTong Li
2017-05-03Merge "Revert "NFV workload""Jenkins
2017-04-26Merge "Rescan disk bus before using volume"Jenkins
2017-04-26Merge "Fix URL for installing OpenStack Shade"Jenkins
2017-04-25Revert "NFV workload"Daniel Mellado
2017-04-25Merge "NFV workload"Jenkins
2017-04-25NFV workloadyaohelan
2017-04-21Rescan disk bus before using volumeMark T. Voelker
2017-04-21Improved the doc by following latest commentsyaohelan
2017-04-18Merge "Add k8s tox environment"Jenkins
2017-04-17Merge "Trivial typo fix in playbook"Jenkins
2017-04-13Making pre-allocation floating IP working for the workloadTong Li
2017-04-12Added command to wait for cloud-init to be doneTong Li
2017-04-12Add k8s tox environmentVictoria Martinez de la Cruz
2017-04-11Trivial typo fix in playbookDaniel Mellado
2017-04-11Rework the lampstack workload to enable provision parallelTong Li
2017-04-07Fix URL for installing OpenStack ShadeMohammed Naser
2017-03-28Correct few doc problems and the description of security groupTong Li
2017-03-22Merge "Kubernetes workload"Jenkins
2017-03-21Kubernetes workloadTong Li
2017-03-16Merge "Fixed a typo in the readme"Jenkins
2017-03-16Fixed a typo in the readmeKurt Taylor
2017-03-13Merge "Fix format 'of docker client install' in dockerswarm's "Jenkins
2017-03-08Merge "Fix some issues when executing workload 'dockerswarm'."Jenkins
2017-03-02Add lampstack tox environmentDaniel Mellado
2017-02-23Fix format 'of docker client install' in dockerswarm's KongWei
2017-02-23Fix some issues when executing workload 'dockerswarm'.ericxiett
2017-02-21Merge "NFV workload to test OpenStack interoperability"Jenkins
2017-02-21NFV workload to test OpenStack interoperabilityyaohelan
2017-02-15Merge "Add wordpress root access flag"Jenkins
2017-02-09Add wordpress root access flagtaozhengming
2017-02-08Add specs to documentationDaniel Mellado
2017-02-01Merge "Add Overview Section For lessonslearnt document"Jenkins
2017-02-01Add Overview Section For lessonslearnt documentzhipengh
2017-01-21Change lookup method to correctly load Jinja2 templates.Lukas Kubin
2017-01-17Fix typo in lampstack READMEQuan Tian
2017-01-06Fix the following issuesTong Li
2016-12-12Added lessons learnt documentTong Li
2016-12-09missed files in vars directory in lampstackTong Li
2016-12-05move both ansible and terraform existing workloads to this repositoryTong Li
2016-12-02Interop-workloads new repository seedingTong Li
2016-11-24Added .gitreviewOpenStack Project Creator