AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 daysRelease Lightning-rod v0.4.5:HEAD0.4.5masterNicola Peditto
9 daysRelease Lightning-rod v0.4.5:Nicola Peditto
11 daysNew proxy default portsFabio Verboso
2018-12-12Release v0.4.4:0.4.4Nicola Peditto
2018-12-11Release v0.4.3:0.4.3Nicola Peditto
2018-12-05Release v0.4.2:0.4.2Nicola Peditto
2018-11-23Refactored Webservice Manager:0.4.1Nicola Peditto
2018-11-16Merge "Update the hacking to latest"Zuul
2018-10-23NEW WebService module; Device Manager improved; installation procedures updated.0.4.0Nicola Peditto
2018-10-17Update the hacking to latestZhijunWei
2018-09-22Installation procedures updated0.3.0Nicola Peditto
2018-09-22Systemd script updatedNicola Peditto
2018-09-21Installation scripts fixedNicola Peditto
2018-09-21Merge "gitignore updated"Zuul
2018-09-21gitignore updatedNicola Peditto
2018-09-21Restyling PackagingNicola Peditto
2018-07-04Added support for SSL connections: Wamp and Service Manager updated.Nicola Peditto
2018-05-31Adding network_managerZakaria Benomar
2018-05-09Installation procedures fixed.0.2.0Nicola Peditto
2018-03-07Updated Module class: restore method was added and all modules was upgraded. ...Nicola Peditto
2018-02-13Added Cloud Service ManagerNicola Peditto
2018-02-07Moved to Python 3.5Nicola Peditto
2017-05-08Plugin Manager updated. Added installation guides.Nicola Peditto
2017-05-02Bux fixed in conf template files.Nicola Peditto
2017-05-02Bug fixed in conf files templates. Update plugin APIs.Nicola Peditto
2017-04-26Some updates.Nicola Peditto
2017-04-20Iotronic Home set.Nicola Peditto
2017-04-19Updated main and Board class.Nicola Peditto
2017-04-12Registration bug fixed.Nicola Peditto
2017-04-10First commit.Nicola Peditto
2017-04-10Added .gitreviewOpenStack Project Creator