AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-14Synchronise with kayobe-config for RockyHEADmasterMark Goddard
2018-12-05Change openstack-dev to openstack-discussVieri
2018-11-18Use TinyIPA deployment imagesWill Szumski
2018-11-02Merge "Use master upper-constraints"Zuul
2018-11-02Merge "Add a neutron allocation pool"Zuul
2018-11-02Merge "Update README to include repo's purpose"Zuul
2018-11-02Add a neutron allocation poolWill Szumski
2018-10-11Use master upper-constraintsMark Goddard
2018-10-11Fix package name in setup.cfgMark Goddard
2018-10-10Synchronise with kayobe-config for QueensMark Goddard
2018-10-10Use virtualenv_path to set ansible_python_interpreterMark Goddard
2018-09-28Add Zuul configuration, fix Gerrit repoMark Goddard
2018-09-25Update README to include repo's purposeMark Goddard
2018-09-05Remove Zuul configurationMark Goddard
2018-09-04Fix references to kayobe-config after mergeMark Goddard
2018-09-04Merge upstream kayobe-configMark Goddard
2018-08-30Update the bug link for more accuracyzhulingjie
2018-08-28Use only a single worker processMark Goddard
2018-08-07Merge pull request #2 from w-miller/bifrost-overlay-ciMark Goddard
2018-08-06Use overlay Docker storage for seed CIWill Miller
2018-05-21Add Zuul configurationMark Goddard
2018-05-15Add git review fileMark Goddard
2018-05-15Add tox.ini with pep8 environment that runs yamllintMark Goddard
2018-05-15Update README text linksMark Goddard
2018-05-10Use a virtual environment for remote operationsMark Goddard
2018-05-02Synchronise with kayobe @ 1c976bc125784fa41503ebf2cd7aea5fe4a17170Mark Goddard
2018-04-17Use QEMU for virtualised computeMark Goddard
2018-04-15Enable virtualised compute in overcloudMark Goddard
2018-04-09Merge pull request #1 from stackhpc/keystone-fernet-tokensNick Jones
2018-04-06Add support for a seed hostMark Goddard
2018-04-05Override Kolla-Ansible and set the default Keystone token format to FernetNick Jones
2018-03-16Sync groups file with upstream kayobeMark Goddard
2018-03-13Only use eth1 interface on the controller if it existsMark Goddard
2018-03-13Use default value for controller_bootstrap_userMark Goddard
2018-03-01Synchronise configuration with kayobe 3.1.0Mark Goddard
2018-01-13Merge pull request #1 from stackhpc/dev-config-mk-1Mark Goddard
2017-12-01Synchronise with kayobe @ bb22c94067b281ceec362061dd72c20d18342ab5Mark Goddard
2017-11-27Synchronise configuration with kayobe @ 610c8a9566e73524f59cf781c09108fb90a0c3bdMark Goddard
2017-10-27Add development environment configuration, imported from kayobeMark Goddard
2017-09-20Update kayobe-env for new recommended directory structureMark Goddard
2017-09-20Add enable flags for pike servicesMark Goddard
2017-09-20Synchronise with stable/ocataMark Goddard
2017-09-15Add ansible issue 30350 workaround for users.ymlMark Goddard
2017-09-14Synchronise configuration with masterMark Goddard
2017-08-02Synchronise configuration with kayobeMark Goddard
2017-06-29Synchronise configuration with kayobe 1.0.0Mark Goddard
2017-04-20Add kayobe blurb to READMEMark Goddard
2017-04-20Remove switch interfaces group variables file - now in playbook group varsMark Goddard
2017-04-19Ignore kolla configurationMark Goddard
2017-04-19Synchronise configuration file defaults with kayobeMark Goddard