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3==================== 3====================
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5This repository provides configuration for the `kayobe 5This repository provides configuration for the `kayobe
6<>`_ project. It is intended to encourage 6<>`_ project. It is intended to encourage
7version control of site configuration. 7version control of site configuration.
8 8
9Kayobe is an open source tool for automating deployment of Scientific OpenStack 9Kayobe enables deployment of containerised OpenStack to bare metal.
10onto a set of bare metal servers. Kayobe is composed of Ansible playbooks, a
11python module, and makes heavy use of the OpenStack kolla project. Kayobe aims
12to complement the kolla-ansible project, providing an opinionated yet highly
13configurable OpenStack deployment and automation of many operational
15 10
16* Documentation: 11Containers offer a compelling solution for isolating OpenStack services, but
17* Source: 12running the control plane on an orchestrator such as Kubernetes or Docker
18* Bugs: 13Swarm adds significant complexity and operational overheads.
15The hosts in an OpenStack control plane must somehow be provisioned, but
16deploying a secondary OpenStack cloud to do this seems like overkill.
18Kayobe stands on the shoulders of giants:
20* OpenStack bifrost discovers and provisions the cloud
21* OpenStack kolla builds container images for OpenStack services
22* OpenStack kolla-ansible delivers painless deployment and upgrade of
23 containerised OpenStack services
25To this solid base, kayobe adds:
27* Configuration of cloud host OS & flexible networking
28* Management of physical network devices
29* A friendly openstack-like CLI
31All this and more, automated from top to bottom using Ansible.
33* Documentation:
34* Source:
35* Bugs:
36* IRC: #openstack-kayobe