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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-07-02Add 'venvs' to list of things which we don't want git to trackNick Jones
2018-03-08Use pbr to build the projectMark Goddard
2018-03-08Use stestr for running unit tests, add a coverage environmentMark Goddard
2018-02-20Add a tox environment & dependencies for running molecule testsMark Goddard
2018-02-20Make gitignore for galaxy roles more saneMark Goddard
2018-01-23Address review commentsDoug Szumski
2018-01-16Add gitignore for libvirt-host and libvirt-vm rolesMark Goddard
2017-12-13Improve bare metal compute node managementMark Goddard
2017-12-07Initial unit testing of ansible - kolla-ansible roleMark Goddard
2017-11-28Ignore contents of .vagrantNick Jones
2017-09-11Support configuration of user accountsMark Goddard
2017-08-15Add stackhpc.os-images role to role dependenciesMark Goddard
2017-05-18Extract neutron-net role into a separate project on galaxyMark Goddard
2017-05-18Extract nova-flavor role into a separate project on galaxyMark Goddard
2017-04-06Move shade, openstackclient and projects roles to Ansible GalaxyMark Goddard
2017-03-29Expand documentation and change to sphinx from MarkDownMark Goddard
2017-03-15Add playbooks for interactions with DRACsMark Goddard
2017-03-15Add support for configuration of LVM PVs, VGs and LVsMark Goddard
2017-03-03Changes to .gitignoreMark Goddard
2017-03-01Add unit tests and style checks for Kayobe python moduleMark Goddard
2017-02-14Initial mega commit of KayobeMark Goddard
2017-01-06Initial commitMark Goddard