AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-25Merge "Update hacking version to latest"HEADmasterZuul
2019-01-09Update hacking version to latestinspurericzhang
2019-01-03Clean up the auto generated domainwangxiyuan
2018-12-05Change openstack-dev to openstack-discussVieri
2018-11-22Merge "[Trivial Fix] update home-page url"Zuul
2018-10-31Add python3 functional test jobColleen Murphy
2018-10-30[Trivial Fix] update home-page urlinspurericzhang
2018-09-18Import another job from project-configAndreas Jaeger
2018-09-17Rename keystone zuul jobsAndreas Jaeger
2018-08-29import zuul job settings from project-configDoug Hellmann
2018-06-09fix tox python3 overrides0.1.0huang.zhiping
2018-03-15Updated from global requirementsOpenStack Proposal Bot
2018-02-21Merge "Updated from global requirements"Zuul
2018-02-02fix error urllvxianguo
2018-01-27Updated from global requirementsOpenStack Proposal Bot
2018-01-15Use openstackdocstheme for docs and release notesThomas Bechtold
2017-08-11Merge "Removed the older version of python and added 3.5"Jenkins
2017-08-11Removed the older version of python and added 3.5Arundhati Surpur
2017-07-19Removes unnecessary utf-8 encodingArundhati Surpur
2017-06-30Merge "Cleaned up *-requirements.txt"Jenkins
2017-06-30Cleaned up *-requirements.txtChandan Kumar
2017-06-20Add functional test cases for v3-ext/OS-OAUTH1Hemanth Nakkina
2017-06-06Add lxml to requirements.txtColleen Murphy
2017-06-06Cleanup cookiecutter defaultsColleen Murphy
2017-05-30Apply cookiecutter to newly split projectColleen Murphy
2017-05-24Merge "Replace test.attr with decorators.attr"Jenkins
2017-05-19Replace test.attr with decorators.attrLuong Anh Tuan
2017-01-28Merge "Reuse already existing groups from upstream tempest config"Jenkins
2017-01-27Reuse already existing groups from upstream tempest configNishant Kumar
2017-01-06Merge "Fix issues with keystone-dsvm-py35-functional-v3-only on py35"Jenkins
2017-01-05Fix issues with keystone-dsvm-py35-functional-v3-only on py35Davanum Srinivas
2017-01-05Fix the usage of tempest.client.Manager classRodrigo Duarte
2017-01-03Merge "Fix import ordering in tempest plugins"Jenkins
2017-01-02Fix import ordering in tempest pluginsLance Bragstad
2017-01-02Merge "Federated authentication via ECP functional tests"Jenkins
2016-12-27Federated authentication via ECP functional testsRodrigo Duarte
2016-10-21Merge "Validate mapping exists when creating/updating a protocol"Jenkins
2016-10-20Validate mapping exists when creating/updating a protocolRonald De Rose
2016-06-24Replace keystone.common.config with keystone.conf packageDolph Mathews
2016-06-20Merge "Integration tests cleanup"Jenkins
2016-06-19Integration tests cleanupRodrigo Duarte Sousa
2016-06-15Merge "Add protocols integration tests"Jenkins
2016-06-15Merge "Add mapping rules integration tests"Jenkins
2016-06-15Merge "Add service providers integration tests"Jenkins
2016-06-02Add protocols integration testsRodrigo Duarte
2016-06-02Add mapping rules integration testsRodrigo Duarte
2016-06-02Add service providers integration testsRodrigo Duarte
2016-06-02Merge "Fix credentials_factory method call"Jenkins
2016-05-31Fix credentials_factory method callRodrigo Duarte
2016-05-26Merge "Add identity providers integration tests"Jenkins