BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMerge "Update registered limit policies for system admin"Zuul5 hours
stable/ocataimport zuul job settings from project-configDoug Hellmann3 months
stable/pikeMerge "Mapped Groups don't exist breaks WebSSO" into stable/pikeZuul8 weeks
stable/queensUpdate the RDO installation guide to use port 5000Lance Bragstad5 weeks
stable/rockyMerge "Clarify deprecation message" into stable/rockyZuul29 hours
14.0.1commit ec1c2e4f7b...OpenStack Release Bot6 weeks
12.0.2commit ec87e19f40...OpenStack Release Bot6 weeks
13.0.2commit db14ee24a7...OpenStack Release Bot6 weeks
14.0.0commit c767e25497...OpenStack Release Bot3 months c767e25497...OpenStack Release Bot4 months b625ccc42c...OpenStack Release Bot4 months
12.0.1commit ce46cc25dc...OpenStack Release Bot5 months
11.0.4commit ade177ad35...OpenStack Release Bot5 months
13.0.1commit 7b1b6a6fc8...OpenStack Release Bot5 months b874977455...OpenStack Release Bot5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-08-29import zuul job settings from project-configstable/ocataDoug Hellmann
2018-07-25Reduce duplication in federated auth APIs11.0.4Lance Bragstad
2018-02-12Delete SQL users before deleting domainColleen Murphy
2017-11-29Fix the s3tokens endpointTim Burke
2017-09-26Fix ec2tokens validation in v2 after regression in metadata_ref removalJose Castro Leon
2017-08-02Filter users and groups in ldapprashkre
2017-07-21Merge "fix identity:get_identity_providers typo" into stable/ocata11.0.3Jenkins
2017-07-20fix identity:get_identity_providers typoMatthew Edmonds
2017-07-20Merge "Stop reading local config dirs for domain-specific file config driver"...Jenkins
2017-07-14Merge "Fixing flushing tokens workflow" into stable/ocataJenkins