AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-05-17.coveragerc: Change ignore-errors to ignore_errorsHEADmasterCyril Roelandt
2016-05-13Merge "New Horizon Dashboard plugin for Kiloeyes Metrics"Jenkins
2016-05-13Ceilometer Meter Query and Aggregation ImplementedXiao Tan
2016-05-13Merge "Sample Get and Get-by-id implemented"Jenkins
2016-05-13New Horizon Dashboard plugin for Kiloeyes MetricsVishnu Govindaraj
2016-05-12Sample Get and Get-by-id implementedXiao Tan
2016-05-05Implemented middleware to augment POSTed metrics with keystone metadataSamir Borle
2016-05-02make the setup_metrics configurableTong Li
2016-04-30Meter Get Statistics by name implementedXiao Tan
2016-04-28Meter Get_Meter_Byname implementedXiao Tan
2016-04-27Meters GET request implemented.xiaotan2
2016-04-05Added more instructions on how to configure keystone middlewareTong Li
2016-04-02move up one more dependenciesTong Li
2016-04-01Move to the same level of dependencies as other openstack project.Tong Li
2016-04-01Added more functions for the vagrant sub projectTong Li
2016-03-31Move out the binary files folder out of the project.Tong Li
2016-03-30Restructure the vagrant scripts and fix a dependency errorTong Li
2016-03-30Merge "Changed vagrant file so that installation can be easier"Jenkins
2016-03-29Changed vagrant file so that installation can be easierTong Li
2016-03-29Remove sphinx requires from test-requirementsAndreas Jaeger
2016-03-23Reformat the readme.MD file and update the listOpt in kafka_conn.pyTong Li
2016-03-07Make sure that the index field mapping is correctTong Li
2016-02-12ES now returns timestamp as milliseconds vs secondsTong Li
2016-02-12enable bulk message post on persisterTong Li
2016-02-11Added more instructionsTong Li
2016-02-10bulk insert can not be done implicitlyTong Li
2016-02-10fix the partitions data type errorTong Li
2016-02-06Updated the installation instructionsTong Li
2016-02-05added more instruction on how to create an all-in-one kiloeyesTong Li
2016-01-07Merge "Add Vagrant sample file to ease development environment bootstrap."Jenkins
2015-12-29unit test passed for py27Jiaming Lin
2015-12-09Add Vagrant sample file to ease development environment bootstrap.Chang-Yi Lee
2015-09-22Make the server more flexible with configuration filesTong Li
2015-08-08remove old openstack incubator project referenceTong Li
2015-08-08remove old oslo.config and use new oslo_configTong Li
2015-08-07Make minor modifications in the READMEspzala
2015-08-06seeding the projectTong Li
2015-08-05Added .gitreviewOpenStack Project Creator