AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 hoursMerge "Replacing the HTTP protocal with HTTPS"HEADmasterZuul
32 hoursReplacing the HTTP protocal with HTTPSzhouxinyong
2 daysMerge "Disable ceph osd crush update on start in default"Zuul
3 daysMerge "Update docs for monasca-grafana"Zuul
3 daysMerge "Automatically configure Monasca Grafana datasource"Zuul
3 daysMerge "Freezer: Update freezer driver with elasticsearch"Zuul
4 daysMerge "Add monitoring of redis"Zuul
4 daysMerge "Edit document for cinder guide"Zuul
4 daysMerge "Add missing pid mode check for Prometheus"Zuul
4 daysMerge "Don't set recurse on config folders"Zuul
4 daysMerge "Update min tox version to 2.0"Zuul
7 daysFreezer: Update freezer driver with elasticsearchPierre Blanc
8 daysMerge "Refactor tests/templates/globals.yml"Zuul
8 daysMerge "Collect StatsD metrics from Monasca services"Zuul
8 daysRefactor tests/templates/globals.ymlEduardo Gonzalez
9 daysMerge "Configure coordination in default for cinder when redis is enabled"Zuul
9 daysAdd monitoring of redispangliye
9 daysMerge "Add action plugins and modules to coverage report"Zuul
9 daysMerge "Add logs_dir to kolla-ansible CI jobs"Zuul
9 daysEdit document for cinder guideletrangg
9 daysMerge "Merge the merge_yaml and merge_config module into one"Zuul
9 daysUpdate docs for monasca-grafanaDoug Szumski
9 daysAutomatically configure Monasca Grafana datasourceDoug Szumski
9 daysCollect StatsD metrics from Monasca servicesDoug Szumski
9 daysAdd logs_dir to kolla-ansible CI jobsMichal Nasiadka
9 daysAdd Monasca quickstart guideDoug Szumski
9 daysMerge "Add support for deploying Monasca Grafana"Zuul
9 daysMerge "Support using external DBs in Monasca"Zuul
9 daysMerge "Add missing HAProxy port checks for Monasca"Zuul
9 daysMerge "Enable Kibana if Monasca enabled"Zuul
9 daysMerge "Add missing project name for Monasca"Zuul
9 daysMerge "Add documentation for Monasca standalone deployment"Zuul
9 daysMerge "Support external Keystone in Monasca"Zuul
9 daysMerge "Add cover job"Zuul
9 daysMerge "Refactor CI testing scripts"Zuul
9 daysAdd action plugins and modules to coverage reportMark Goddard
10 daysAdd cover jobNguyen Hai Truong
10 daysMerge "Support deploying storm worker and storm nimbus separately"Zuul
10 daysMerge "Monasca specific config for Fluentd"Zuul
10 daysMerge "Add initial documentation for Monasca"Zuul
10 daysMerge "Support deploying the Monasca Agent"Zuul
10 daysRefactor CI testing scriptsMark Goddard
10 daysMerge "Don't use 'become' in CI tests"Zuul
10 daysMerge "Add python 3.6 unit test job"Zuul
10 daysMerge "Remove stestr from requirements.txt"Zuul
10 daysMerge "Remove deprecated compute groups"Zuul
10 daysSupport deploying storm worker and storm nimbus separatelyDoug Szumski
10 daysRemove deprecated compute groupsPaul Bourke
10 daysRemove stestr from requirements.txtwanghui
10 daysMerge "Support merging nested yaml config"Zuul