path: root/cni_ds_init
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-04Remove way of running without kuryr-daemonMichał Dulko
2018-12-19Merge "Clean up Dockerfiles and how we build them"Zuul
2018-12-18Lookup container name in cni_ds_initMichał Dulko
2018-12-17Clean up Dockerfiles and how we build themMichał Dulko
2018-12-03cri-o supportMichał Dulko
2018-09-14cni_ds_init: exec into the main processAntoni Segura Puimedon
2018-06-21Fetch CONTAINERID from Docker API in kuryr-cniMichał Dulko
2018-04-10Execute kuryr-cni as `docker exec`Michał Dulko
2018-02-02Use virtualenv to build kuryr-cni Docker imageMichał Dulko
2017-12-13Support kuryr-daemon when running containerizedMichał Dulko
2017-10-09Remove 99-loopback.confMichał Dulko
2017-09-14CNI container: parametrize and clean upAntoni Segura Puimedon
2017-09-14Add support to install Kuryr as a network addonvikaschoudhary16