AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-01-11Removes unnecessary utf-8 encodingHEADmasterM V P Nitesh
2016-11-24Use flatten_dict_to_keypairs instead of recursive_keypairsHanxi Liu
2016-10-09Fix OpenStack Licensingpawnesh.kumar
2016-08-21Move other-requirements.txt to bindep.txtAndreas Jaeger
2016-06-29List system dependencies for running common testsAndreas Jaeger
2015-10-18Change repositories from stackforge to openstackvenkatamahesh
2015-10-17Update .gitreview for new namespaceJeremy Stanley
2014-02-17Fix a bug in RRD plugin related to probe names with dots.François Rossigneux
2014-02-13Listening refactoring in plugins.François Rossigneux
2014-02-13Cookie to save the selected probes when refreshing the page.François Rossigneux
2014-02-12Fix a bug in refresh function in RRD plugin.François Rossigneux
2014-02-12Add probe selection in RRD plugin.François Rossigneux
2014-02-11Fix a bug in refresh function in RRD plugin.François Rossigneux
2014-01-29Add SNMP driver (replacing the Eaton driver).François Rossigneux
2013-09-20Policy bug fixes.François Rossigneux
2013-07-26Documentation fixes.François Rossigneux
2013-07-26Documentation fixes.François Rossigneux
2013-07-26Add documentation and migrate to PBR.François Rossigneux
2013-06-29RRD: bug fixes.François Rossigneux
2013-06-29RRD: bug fixes.François Rossigneux
2013-06-28RRD: bug fixes.François Rossigneux
2013-06-28RRD: automatic colors selection.François Rossigneux
2013-06-27Upstart scripts and file paths.Swann Croiset
2013-06-27IPMI driver improvements and bug fixes.Swann Croiset
2013-06-17Bug fixes (log messages).François Rossigneux
2013-06-17Bug fixes (loading/unloading drivers, and cleaning API).François Rossigneux
2013-06-13Forwarding device for the plugins.François Rossigneux
2013-06-12Forwarding device for the plugins.François Rossigneux
2013-06-12ZeroMQ max sockets and mutexes.François Rossigneux
2013-06-11Fix RRD bug.François Rossigneux
2013-06-07ZeroMQ efficiency improvements.François Rossigneux
2013-06-06Add Eaton PDU driver.François Rossigneux
2013-03-14Use common setup and pip-requires file.François Rossigneux
2013-03-05Clean imports.François Rossigneux
2013-03-03Add keystone_authtoken options in config file.François Rossigneux
2013-03-03Add roles checking.François Rossigneux
2013-02-27Use oslo.config for configuration.François Rossigneux
2013-02-19Many bug fixes (mainly on the IPMI driver).François Rossigneux
2013-02-06Add refresh_interval parameter.François Rossigneux
2013-02-06Graph auto-refresh improvements.François Rossigneux
2013-02-05Graph auto-refresh.François Rossigneux
2013-02-05IPMI driver (bug fixes).François Rossigneux
2013-02-04Merge "IPMI driver (bug fixes)."Jenkins
2013-02-04IPMI driver (bug fixes).François Rossigneux
2013-02-04Add period in graph titles.François Rossigneux
2013-02-04Add eventlet and iso8601 dependencies.François Rossigneux
2013-01-31Add IPMI driver.François Rossigneux
2013-01-31Dynamic imports of drivers classes.François Rossigneux
2013-01-25Clean openstack.common importJulien Danjou
2013-01-25Add blueprint link.François Rossigneux