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masterUpdate .gitreview for new namespaceJeremy Stanley3 years
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2015-10-17Update .gitreview for new namespaceHEADmasterJeremy Stanley
2015-08-05Remove 'type' attribute from <typed-field>Timur Sufiev
2015-08-05Use standard modelMixin instead of fields.wildcardTimur Sufiev
2015-08-05Remove obsolete 'group' mixin files and referencesTimur Sufiev
2015-08-05Initial import of data schema from Rackspace HotBuilderTimur Sufiev
2015-08-05Start developing HOT Builder on MerlinTimur Sufiev
2015-07-31Merge "Add patched version of angular-ui bootstrap lib"Jenkins
2015-07-31Add patched version of angular-ui bootstrap libPaul Karikh
2015-07-30Merge "Rewrite <labeled> directive to render editable labels"Jenkins
2015-07-30Merge "Refactor templates to make them composable"Jenkins