AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-10-17Update .gitreview for new namespaceHEADmasterJeremy Stanley
2015-08-05Remove 'type' attribute from <typed-field>Timur Sufiev
2015-08-05Use standard modelMixin instead of fields.wildcardTimur Sufiev
2015-08-05Remove obsolete 'group' mixin files and referencesTimur Sufiev
2015-08-05Initial import of data schema from Rackspace HotBuilderTimur Sufiev
2015-08-05Start developing HOT Builder on MerlinTimur Sufiev
2015-07-31Merge "Add patched version of angular-ui bootstrap lib"Jenkins
2015-07-31Add patched version of angular-ui bootstrap libPaul Karikh
2015-07-30Merge "Rewrite <labeled> directive to render editable labels"Jenkins
2015-07-30Merge "Refactor templates to make them composable"Jenkins
2015-07-30Rewrite <labeled> directive to render editable labelsTimur Sufiev
2015-07-30Refactor templates to make them composableTimur Sufiev
2015-07-27Merge "Use eslint-config-openstack"Jenkins
2015-07-22Change location of symlink to bower_componentsTimur Sufiev
2015-07-15Use eslint-config-openstackMichael Krotscheck
2015-07-13Add Mistral js files to linter and fix linting errorsTimur Sufiev
2015-07-10Change code to satisfy new ESLint checksVlad Okhrimenko
2015-07-06Merge "Added JS Linting via ESlint"Jenkins
2015-07-06Merge "Add FAQ and glossary"Jenkins
2015-07-06Add FAQ and glossaryPaul Karikh
2015-06-30Added JS Linting via ESlintMichael Krotscheck
2015-06-26Rename unit-test files from *Spec.js to *.spec.jsTimur Sufiev
2015-06-26Decouple @enum and drop-down widgetTimur Sufiev
2015-06-26Rewrite WB Action->Base to use @ref facilityTimur Sufiev
2015-06-26Fill Merlin filters unit-test suite with actual codeTimur Sufiev
2015-06-26Merge "Cover with tests remaining non-trivial utility functions"Jenkins
2015-06-25Cover with tests remaining non-trivial utility functionsTimur Sufiev
2015-06-25Merge "Field 'version' has to be string"Jenkins
2015-06-25Merge "Fix changing the key in dictionary widget"Jenkins
2015-06-25Field 'version' has to be stringVlad Okhrimenko
2015-06-24Fix changing the key in dictionary widgetTimur Sufiev
2015-06-17Added test execution in Firefox.Michael Krotscheck
2015-06-16Added test execution in Chromium.Michael Krotscheck
2015-06-16Removed fuzzy dependencies.Michael Krotscheck
2015-06-16Bound karma execution to `npm run test`Michael Krotscheck
2015-06-16Restrict existing Action/Workflow to the existing onesTimur Sufiev
2015-06-16Merge "No need to use disableDefaultClickBehaviour"Jenkins
2015-06-15No need to use disableDefaultClickBehaviourVlad Okhrimenko
2015-06-12Remove explicit type from Task snippet in the YAML templateTimur Sufiev
2015-06-06Added some minor fixes to documentation.daniel-a-nguyen
2015-06-03Merge "Provide 'validatable-with' directive"Jenkins
2015-06-03Provide 'validatable-with' directiveTimur Sufiev
2015-06-03Merge "Move auto-completion machinery into a separate directive"Jenkins
2015-06-03Move auto-completion machinery into a separate directiveTimur Sufiev
2015-05-15Well, the last fix to the deployment instructions :)Timur Sufiev
2015-05-15A small fix inside instructions about Merlin deploymentTimur Sufiev
2015-05-15Update instructions about Merlin deploymentTimur Sufiev
2015-05-11Added npm run test-unit to merlin's package.json fileMichael Krotscheck
2015-04-30Add stub api calls for Mistral server integrationTimur Sufiev
2015-04-28Fix changing Action/Workflow/Task idTimur Sufiev