AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
13 daysTrivial fix typo of descriptionHEADmasterTuan Do Anh
14 daysMerge "Enable the process plugin in Docker environment"Zuul
14 daysEnable the process plugin in Docker environmentLukasz Zajaczkowski
2018-07-03Python3: Make monasca-setup compatible with py35Adrian Czarnecki
2018-07-02fix tox python3 overridesAdrian Czarnecki
2018-06-29Merge "Removed dependency on supervisor"Zuul
2018-06-27Removed dependency on supervisorStefano Canepa
2018-05-26Add Cloudkitty detection plugin (Cloudkitty - Rating Service)weezhard
2018-05-23Merge "fix misspelling of 'monasca'"Zuul
2018-05-22Fix sample for ZooKeeper pluginLukasz Zajaczkowski
2018-05-21fix misspelling of 'monasca'melissaml
2018-05-17fix misspelling of 'monasca'pangliye
2018-05-15Merge "Trivial: Update pypi url to new url"Zuul
2018-05-15Trivial: Update pypi url to new urllingyongxu
2018-05-14Correctly detects apache process when mod_perl is installedJames Gu
2018-05-10Merge "Fix log rotation in monasca agent"Zuul
2018-05-08Remove license section from README.mdWitold Bedyk
2018-04-30Fix log rotation in monasca agentJui Chandwaskar
2018-04-27Fix type error in monasca agentJui Chandwaskar
2018-04-24Merge "Allow Keystone config in init_config for http check"Zuul
2018-04-23Merge "uncap eventlet"Zuul
2018-04-23Allow Keystone config in init_config for http checkDobroslaw Zybort
2018-04-17Update old python string format2.7.0Jui Chandwaskar
2018-04-14Add Apache LicenseJui Chandwaskar
2018-04-13Merge "Update pep8 checks"Zuul
2018-04-12Update pep8 checksJui Chandwaskar
2018-04-11Merge "Add support for k8s StatefulSet"Zuul
2018-04-11uncap eventletDoug Hellmann
2018-04-11Merge "Avoid overwriting sys.path "ip" command"Zuul
2018-04-11Add support for k8s StatefulSetTobias Johansson
2018-04-10Merge "Update links in README"Zuul
2018-04-10Merge "Use a newer hacking (1.0.x)"Zuul
2018-03-30Update links in READMEmelissaml
2018-03-26Merge "Fix libvirt plugin to handle FQDN of compute node"Zuul
2018-03-22Merge "Add prerequisite for enabling all untunable metrics"Zuul
2018-03-21Merge "Manual updated from global requirements"Zuul
2018-03-21Fix libvirt plugin to handle FQDN of compute nodeWitold Bedyk
2018-03-20Add prerequisite for enabling all untunable metricsLukasz Zajaczkowski
2018-03-19Merge "Update supervisor version lower bound"Zuul
2018-03-14Manual updated from global requirementsAmir Mofakhar
2018-03-13Merge "Add LXC swap metric collector and fix lxc bug"Zuul
2018-03-12Merge "Remove PostgreSQL tempest jobs from Zuul"Zuul
2018-03-12Merge "Manual update from global requirements"Zuul
2018-03-08Update supervisor version lower boundJames Gu
2018-03-08Merge "Correct detection status in congestion plugin"Zuul
2018-03-08Remove PostgreSQL tempest jobs from ZuulWitold Bedyk
2018-03-08[Trivialfix]Modify a grammatical errorShangXiao
2018-03-07Manual update from global requirementsAmir Mofakhar
2018-03-07Add LXC swap metric collector and fix lxc bugEduardo
2018-03-07Correct detection status in congestion pluginDoug Szumski