BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUse global job for building docker imageDobroslaw Zybort6 days
stable/ocataimport zuul job settings from project-configWitold Bedyk6 months
stable/pikeUpgrade Apache Kafka to ver. in devstackWitold Bedyk6 months
stable/queensMerge "Upgrade Apache Kafka to ver. in devstack" into stable/queensZuul6 months
stable/rockyUpdate UPPER_CONSTRAINTS_FILE for stable/rockyOpenStack Release Bot5 months
2.8.0commit b40cb8e0e0...OpenStack Release Bot4 months
2.7.0commit 471c0fb8ce...OpenStack Release Bot6 months
2.6.0commit 9ebde65af9...OpenStack Release Bot10 months
2.5.0commit e67b88acce...OpenStack Release Bot12 months
2.4.0commit 5d1c8921e7...OpenStack Release Bot14 months
2.3.0commit 37b2111435...OpenStack Release Bot16 months
newton-eolcommit 0d8c6d86b1...Tony Breeds16 months
2.2.0commit df923c0d70...OpenStack Release Bot18 months
mitaka-eolcommit 2f4ce88b3e...Joshua Hesketh19 months
1.7.0commit e4177f7e28...OpenStack Release Bot20 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 daysUse global job for building docker imageHEADmasterDobroslaw Zybort
2019-01-31Add monascalog-python3-tempestWitek Bedyk
2019-01-24Merge "Replace api-config.conf with monasca-api.conf"Zuul
2019-01-19Replace api-config.conf with monasca-api.confThomas Bechtold
2019-01-14Merge "zuul: Also kafka logs and some configs during CI run"Zuul
2019-01-14Remove unused exceptionAdrian Czarnecki
2019-01-11zuul: Also kafka logs and some configs during CI runThomas Bechtold
2019-01-10Merge "Support standard config file path for monasca-api"Zuul
2019-01-10Merge "Add python3.5 classifier to setup.cfg"Zuul
2019-01-09Merge "Remove built-in plugins from database schema"Zuul