AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 daysRemove -U from pip installHEADmasterAndreas Jaeger
11 daysAvoid for constraints supportAndreas Jaeger
2017-11-17Remove setting of version/release from releasenotesAndreas Jaeger
2017-11-08Create devstack plugin for monasca-eventsJakub Wachowski
2017-10-24Fix pep8 testAdrian Czarnecki
2017-08-07Monasca-events-api spec documentationArtur Basiak
2017-08-01Add sample configuration files to documentationArtur Basiak
2017-08-01Provide oslo.policiesArtur Basiak
2017-07-12Preparing infrastructure for events-apiTomasz Trębski
2015-11-20Merge pull request #14 from hpcloud-mon/feature/stream_definition_patchingJoe Keen
2015-11-20Remove non used importMichael James Hoppal
2015-11-20Cleanup the amount of conditionals and temp variables in patchMichael James Hoppal
2015-11-19Take away the ability to patch certain fieldsMichael James Hoppal
2015-11-18Return empty list on getting fire actions if it is not thereMichael James Hoppal
2015-11-18Add the ability to patch stream definitionsMichael James Hoppal
2015-10-29Merge pull request #13 from oneilcin/master0.0.6Joe Keen
2015-10-20Changed monasca-events-api port to 8072cindy oneill
2015-08-14Updated .gitignore0.0.5Joe Keen
2015-08-14Removing soft delete functionalityJoe Keen
2015-08-11Merge pull request #12 from hpcloud-mon/func_test_fixesCindy O'Neill
2015-08-11Merge branch 'master' into func_test_fixesJoe Keen
2015-08-11Fixes for functional testJoe Keen
2015-08-05Merge pull request #11 from hpcloud-mon/add/apistuffJoe Keen
2015-08-05added in api examples to readmeSamKirsch10
2015-08-05Now with 100% more demoJoe Keen
2015-08-05Added auto commit trueJoe Keen
2015-08-05Modified post_webhook scriptJoe Keen
2015-08-04Merge pull request #10 from hpcloud-mon/message_format_fixCindy O'Neill
2015-08-04Fixed message format problem0.0.4Joe Keen
2015-08-04stream def fixSamKirsch10
2015-08-04added missing greenlet in req0.0.3root
2015-07-31added graphingSamKirsch10
2015-07-31Added demo webhook posterJoe Keen
2015-07-31demo folderSamKirsch10
2015-07-22fixed requirements0.0.2SamKirsch10
2015-07-21added versions to api and updated requirements falcon==0.2.0SamKirsch10
2015-07-20Merge pull request #8 from hpcloud-mon/limitfixesJoe Keen
2015-07-20transform bug fixes in mysql clause and in get single transformSamKirsch10
2015-06-26fixed mysql formattingSamKirsch10
2015-06-26Refactored transform repoJoe Keen
2015-06-26Merge branch 'master' into limitfixesJoe Keen
2015-06-26Fixed broken unit testsJoe Keen
2015-06-26Merge pull request #9 from hpcloud-mon/cleaupRoland Hochmuth
2015-06-25Merge branch 'cleaup' of into cleaupRoland Hochmuth
2015-06-25Cleanup and deleted unused message formatsRoland Hochmuth
2015-06-25Cleanup and deleted unused message formatsRoland Hochmuth
2015-06-25Added oslo.log to requirementsJoe Keen
2015-06-25Merge pull request #5 from hpcloud-mon/osloRoland Hochmuth
2015-06-24Merge branch 'limitfixes' of
2015-06-24bug fixes and pagination fixesSamKirsch10