AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-06-22Convert to ReStructuredText formatHEADmasterDenis Poisson
2016-02-24Fix can't log into HorizonShinya Kawabata
2016-01-20Locking pip to a version that worksJoe Keen
2016-01-05Remove event in mini-mon.ymlKaiyan Sheng
2015-12-01Merge "Rename variables"Jenkins
2015-11-12Rename variablesWitold Bedyk
2015-11-09Change repositories from stackforge to openstackShinya Kawabata
2015-10-17Update .gitreview for new namespaceJeremy Stanley
2015-09-17Fix CLI on devstackMichael James Hoppal
2015-09-15Take away updating monasca-client in virtualenvMichael James Hoppal
2015-08-19Transitioned API to port 8070 due to conflict with SwiftRoland Hochmuth
2015-07-31Merge "Make host_alive checks match the expected host names"Jenkins
2015-07-31events pip install need sudo:yesSamKirsch10
2015-07-31added full events deploySamKirsch10
2015-07-30Make host_alive checks match the expected host namesTim Kuhlman
2015-07-28remove vertica script locationMichael James Hoppal
2015-07-28vertica_script_location added to host_vars for mini-moncindy oneill
2015-07-13Minor update to devstack build scriptDavid Schroeder
2015-07-07Merge "Fixed markdown syntax in README"Jenkins
2015-07-07Merge "Added influxdb var for python monasca persister"Jenkins
2015-07-07Fixed markdown syntax in READMEDexter Fryar
2015-07-06Added influxdb var for python monasca persisterAngelo Mendonca
2015-07-06Merge "Fixed documentation now that the smoke tests have moved around."Jenkins
2015-07-06Merge "Satisfy some dependencies for Agent plugins"Jenkins
2015-07-06Fixed documentation now that the smoke tests have moved around.Tim Kuhlman
2015-07-06Removed unneeded influxdb variablesTim Kuhlman
2015-07-01Merge "Moved the smoke test to the ci repo and cleaned up old tests."Jenkins
2015-06-29Satisfy some dependencies for Agent pluginsDavid Schroeder
2015-06-29Merge "Minor update for Devstack build server"Jenkins
2015-06-29Minor update for Devstack build serverDavid Schroeder
2015-06-26Moved the smoke test to the ci repo and cleaned up old tests.Tim Kuhlman
2015-06-25switched smoke test orderSamKirsch10
2015-06-23Revert to the version of influxdb that worksCraig Bryant
2015-06-22Merge "Moving influxdb version to 0.9.0 release"Jenkins
2015-06-21Moving influxdb version to 0.9.0 releaseMichael James Hoppal
2015-06-19Moved the new smoke test to the monasca-ci repo.Tim Kuhlman
2015-06-19new health checkSamKirsch10
2015-05-29Update for changes to alarm-patch commandRyan Brandt
2015-05-20Run smoke test by default.Tim Kuhlman
2015-05-20Update to the new database users formatCraig Bryant
2015-05-18Adding in verticaMichael James Hoppal
2015-05-11Merge "Clean up the ansible structure a bit"Jenkins
2015-05-07Allow unicode in smoke testRyan Brandt
2015-05-07Clean up the ansible structure a bitTim Kuhlman
2015-05-04Make sure virtualenv is installedTim Kuhlman
2015-04-30Make sure the terminal is setup in the right venv by default.Tim Kuhlman
2015-04-28Use Influxdb 0.9 rc28Craig Bryant
2015-04-23Added scripts to help out with cloning our numerous repos.Tim Kuhlman
2015-04-20Collapsed the agent variables. Updated smoke test to the venv path.Tim Kuhlman
2015-04-10raft port changed to 8086 by default with rc22Allan Greentree