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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-17add default pickle cache versionHEADmastercloudnull
2019-02-17Update monitorstack to use updated openstacksdk and esKevin Carter
2018-04-17Adding vg_check from the maas pluginsMichael Rice
2018-03-23Rename python-openstacksdk to openstacksdkMonty Taylor
2017-11-17Remove setting of version/release from releasenotesAndreas Jaeger
2017-06-23Only import os_utils when plugin is calledMatt Thompson
2017-06-14Verify https connections by defaultJimmy McCrory
2017-06-12Merge "Set verify to False when insecure is True"Jenkins
2017-06-09Correct telegraf line formatKevin Carter
2017-06-05Set verify to False when insecure is TrueMiguel Alex Cantu
2017-04-27Add memcache pluginMajor Hayden
2017-04-19Fix variable return bugs in kvm pluginMajor Hayden
2017-03-19moved cache location to stadard user caching dir (#26)Kevin Carter
2017-03-19Add Cinder block pool metrics (#25)Kevin Carter
2017-03-19added the ability for a check to have multiple returns (#27)Kevin Carter
2017-03-19added rackspace maas format (#28)Kevin Carter
2017-03-14More complete testing of the os plugins/utils (#24)Kevin Carter
2017-03-10Add process check (#23)Major Hayden
2017-03-10Tests for remaining OpenStack modules (#22)Major Hayden
2017-03-10Add tests for os_vm_used_cores (#20)Major Hayden
2017-03-09Add PEP257 checks (#15)Major Hayden
2017-03-09Complete test coverage for os_vm_quota_cores (#14)Major Hayden
2017-03-09Added VM instances used and quotas (#6)Kevin Carter
2017-03-07Improve test coverage (#4)Major Hayden
2017-03-07Increase test coverage for uptimeMajor Hayden
2017-03-01Added KVM Metric plugin (#2)Kevin Carter
2017-03-01Couple of updates: telegraf line protocol, dynamic imports, metadata (#1)Kevin Carter
2017-02-27Proof of conceptMajor Hayden