AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-09Fix select.epoll() not found AttributeError by changing import orderHEADmasterPooja Ghumre
2017-06-09Make slashes optional on tenant & instances routesBlake Covarrubias
2017-06-09Changes for reusing nova client in morsSusmitha
2017-04-28Fixing tenant deletes bugKaustubh Phatak
2016-08-02Adding support for sphinx docs and tox supportathertonRoopak Parikh
2016-07-08Preparing for OpenSource of MorsRoopak Parikh
2016-06-29Fix issue with instance lease update when multiple rows presentrel_platform9-v2.2.1rel_platform9-v2.2.0platform9-v2.2.0Susmitha
2016-06-28Changes for restricting instance lease to not exceed tenant leaseSusmitha
2016-06-17Fix for IAAS-5523: Lease extension seems to be brokenSusmitha
2016-06-07Merge branch 'atherton' of into athertonSusmitha
2016-06-02Fix for IAAS-5516, IAAS-5517: get API for mors not returning right valueSusmitha
2016-06-01Changing the API default for lease expiry from days to minutesSusmitha
2016-05-23Fix for IAAS-5476, update for instance leaserel_platform9-v2.1.2rel_platform9-v2.1.1rel_platform9-v2.1.0platform9-v2.1.0Roopak Parikh
2016-04-27Removing dependency on pf9appRoopak Parikh
2016-04-13Lease handler not deleting some VMs.rel_platform9-v2.0.0platform9-v2.0.0Roopak Parikh
2016-04-12Handling insecure connectionRoopak Parikh
2016-04-11Wrong configuration file locationRoopak Parikh
2016-04-11Fixing a missing file in rpm for pf9-morsRoopak Parikh
2016-04-09First version of Mors - Lease ManagerRoopak Parikh
2016-03-22Initial commitroopakparikh