AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-16Optimizing the safety of the http link site in HACKING.rstHEADmasterzhouxinyong
2018-10-08fix tox python3 overrides98k
2018-09-26fix tox python3 overridesDoug Hellmann
2018-08-23import zuul job settings from project-config98k
2018-01-31Zuul: Remove project nameJames E. Blair
2017-12-04Move legacy jobs to projectDuong Ha-Quang
2017-02-06Remove OraclePDBConnectorDrew Fisher
2017-01-09Correct licensing issue with appsSerg Melikyan
2016-10-17Added LICENSE filenpraveen35
2016-10-06Merge "Bursting ApacheHTTPServer application"Jenkins
2016-09-27Bursting ApacheHTTPServer applicationOlehBaran
2016-09-23Merge "[Tomcat] Add help text to the deploy command"Jenkins
2016-09-21Merge "Percona XtraDB application"Jenkins
2016-09-20Merge "Modify Apache to use Application Development Framework"Jenkins
2016-09-19Percona XtraDB applicationAlexander Tivelkov
2016-09-19Modify Apache to use Application Development FrameworkAlexander Tivelkov
2016-09-19Merge "Add scaleIn actions and scripts"Jenkins
2016-09-19Merge "Scalable Clearwater demo app"Jenkins
2016-09-17Add scaleIn actions and scriptsSnihyr Kostyantyn
2016-09-17Scalable Clearwater demo appSnihyr Kostyantyn
2016-09-15Clean imports in codeNguyen Hung Phuong
2016-09-07[Tomcat] Add help text to the deploy commandValerii Kovalchuk
2016-09-05Deprecate Docker repositorySergey Kraynev
2016-09-01Merge "Add Centos7 support for GoCD application"Jenkins
2016-08-29Add Centos7 support for GoCD applicationBartosz Kupidura
2016-08-29Merge "Fixing docker DIB element for setting correct MTU"Jenkins
2016-08-26[K8s] Fixing patchService.shNikolay Mahotkin
2016-08-26Fixing docker DIB element for setting correct MTUNikolay Mahotkin
2016-08-24Merge "Fixing volume entry definitions"Jenkins
2016-08-24Merge "[K8s] Fixing service naming"Jenkins
2016-08-23Fixing volume entry definitionsNikolay Mahotkin
2016-08-23[K8s] Fixing service namingNikolay Mahotkin
2016-08-19[k8s] Restrict getEndpoints to search only in current podNikolay Mahotkin
2016-08-17Merge "PaloAlto Firewall application for Murano"Jenkins
2016-08-17Merge "[kubernetes][app] Fix flannel settings for docker"Jenkins
2016-08-17Merge "[qcow2 image][kubernetes] Scripts updated to use latest etcd"Jenkins
2016-08-17[kubernetes][app] Fix flannel settings for dockerArtem Silenkov
2016-08-16[qcow2 image][kubernetes] Scripts updated to use latest etcdArtem Silenkov
2016-08-12Move other-requirements.txt to bindep.txtAndreas Jaeger
2016-08-10PaloAlto Firewall application for MuranoDamian Szeluga
2016-08-10Merge "[Docker] Fix upstart ans sysvinit scripts for ubuntu"Jenkins
2016-08-09Add RefStackClient unittest runneralexz
2016-08-09Merge "Shell files syntax cleanup"Jenkins
2016-08-09Merge "[Plone] Application added"Jenkins
2016-08-08[Plone] Application addedemashkin
2016-08-04[Docker] Fix upstart ans sysvinit scripts for ubuntuasilenkov
2016-08-04Merge "[docker] Switch kubernetes application to hyperkube"Jenkins
2016-08-04Merge " application for murano"Jenkins
2016-07-29Shell files syntax cleanupalexz
2016-07-29Merge "Fix Clearwater release to release-101 tag (Glaweow release)"Jenkins