AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-06-19Merge "Fixed errors in service_description" into release-0.1release-0.1Jenkins
2013-06-19Fixed errors in service_descriptionEkaterina Fedorova
2013-06-19Resolve bug with LoadBalancer URI0.1Serg Melikyan
2013-06-19Fix MRN-515Ekaterina Fedorova
2013-06-19Extend description during service creationEkaterina Fedorova
2013-06-18Merge "Resolved issue with services table" into release-0.1Jenkins
2013-06-18Merge "Resolved bug #1191877" into release-0.1Jenkins
2013-06-18Merge "Add hostname validator" into release-0.1Jenkins
2013-06-18Add hostname validatorEkaterina Fedorova
2013-06-18Resolved bug #1191877Serg Melikyan
2013-06-18Resolved issue with services tableSerg Melikyan
2013-06-17Fixed MRN-512: AD service with 'noname' nameTimur Nurlygayanov
2013-06-17Fix help_msg and errors view.Ekaterina Fedorova
2013-06-17Adding password confirm fieldsEkaterina Fedorova
2013-06-14Fix datun_id exceptionEkaterina Fedorova
2013-06-13Fixed status ne envEkaterina Fedorova
2013-06-13Exception handingEkaterina Fedorova
2013-06-13Fix parameters orderEkaterina Fedorova
2013-06-13Merge "Changing domain name regexp" into release-0.1Jenkins
2013-06-13Changing domain name regexpEkaterina Fedorova
2013-06-13Fix error msg when load services when deplouingEkaterina Fedorova
2013-06-12Merge "Method of getting data changed. Fixed MRN-466" into release-0.1Jenkins
2013-06-12Method of getting data changed. Fixed MRN-466Ekaterina Fedorova
2013-06-11Fix domain name requirementsEkaterina Fedorova
2013-06-10Rename LoadbalancerIo to uri due to new changesEkaterina Fedorova
2013-06-10Enable veiw services after deploymentEkaterina Fedorova
2013-06-05Merge "Update exeption handlers." into release-0.1Jenkins
2013-06-05Update exeption handlers.Ekaterina Fedorova
2013-06-05Merge "Add "Edit evironment"." into release-0.1Jenkins
2013-06-05Add "Edit evironment".Ekaterina Fedorova
2013-06-05Merge "In forms mark all non-required fileds as Optional. Light fixes in serv...Jenkins
2013-06-04In forms mark all non-required fileds as Optional.Ekaterina Fedorova
2013-06-03Fix logging in services last operationEkaterina Fedorova
2013-05-30bug fuxStan Lagun
2013-05-30Changed domain name validation regexpStan Lagun
2013-05-30Enable delete_env button in deployng stateEkaterina Fedorova
2013-05-30Adding Load Balancer Ip to service details page for Farm servicesEkaterina Fedorova
2013-05-30Fixing domain requirements (exclude underline)Ekaterina Fedorova
2013-05-30Adding verifications for fields.Ekaterina Fedorova
2013-05-29Hostname template format + PEP8 fixesStan Lagun
2013-05-28Handle exceptions with messages and redirecting. Status issues fixed.Ekaterina Fedorova
2013-05-28Merge "Adding muranoclient exceptions to special lists so they can be handale...Jenkins
2013-05-28Adding muranoclient exceptions to special lists so they can be handaled by ho...Ekaterina Fedorova
2013-05-28Merge "New Session Handling design"Jenkins
2013-05-28New Session Handling designSerg Melikyan
2013-05-28typoStan Lagun
2013-05-28UI for IIS/ASP.NET farmsStan Lagun
2013-05-28 Sync with new env statusesEkaterina Fedorova
2013-05-27Merge "Deny buttons in deploying environment state."Jenkins
2013-05-27Deny buttons in deploying environment state.Ekaterina Fedorova