AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-11-19Resolved issue with details-page0.2.12release-0.2Serg Melikyan
2013-11-15Cherry-picks from release-0.3Serg Melikyan
2013-11-13Several fixes to Marked Images formSerg Melikyan
2013-10-04Support Murano Imagesefedorova
2013-10-01Merge "Fix to not use 2to1." into release-
2013-10-01Fix to not use 2to1.Timur Sufiev
2013-10-01Cherry pick from master:Ekaterina Fedorova
2013-09-30Revert to previous commit. Fix bug in detail info0.2.1Ekaterina Fedorova
2013-09-30Remove image selection for demo serviceEkaterina Fedorova
2013-09-26Update demo service configurationEkaterina Fedorova
2013-09-26Add new service for demoEkaterina Fedorova
2013-09-24Move djblets sources to murano-dashboard repository.Timur Sufiev
2013-09-13Fix Availability Group Name validation in MS SQL Cluster form.Timur Sufiev
2013-09-12Make field validation to be conditional.Timur Sufiev
2013-09-11Show all form-level validation errors, not only one.Timur Sufiev
2013-09-09Updated requirements for python-muranoclientSerg Melikyan
2013-09-04Fix MRN-937Ekaterina Fedorova
2013-09-04Placeholder emulation added in IEEkaterina Fedorova
2013-09-02Fix MRN-931. Hostname validation fixedEkaterina Fedorova
2013-09-02Run form-level validation only when every form's field is valid.Timur Sufiev
2013-09-02Provide default value for service description.Timur Sufiev
2013-08-30Remove message about same IPs for SQL cluster when both IPs are blank.rc10.2rc10.2Timur Sufiev
2013-08-30Fix required message for password clone field (clone error messages also).Timur Sufiev
2013-08-30Either external AD or internal one is required for MS SQL Cluster.Timur Sufiev
2013-08-29Merge "Make apache start on CentOS restart." into release-0.2Jenkins
2013-08-29Make apache start on CentOS restart.Timur Sufiev
2013-08-29Merge "Try to fix problem with not found fixed ips for a given ip." into rele...Jenkins
2013-08-29Try to fix problem with not found fixed ips for a given ip.Timur Sufiev
2013-08-29Merge "Again change service log ordering: older - first (as in deployment log...Jenkins
2013-08-28Fix field attributes based on form data via YAQL expression.Timur Sufiev
2013-08-28Again change service log ordering: older - first (as in deployment logs).Timur Sufiev
2013-08-28Do not compare hidden (and not required) password fields.Timur Sufiev
2013-08-28Remove excessive YAQL check for multi-instance services.Timur Sufiev
2013-08-27Fix service log ordering: newer events come first.Timur Sufiev
2013-08-27Install YAQL from PyPI on CentOS also.Timur Sufiev
2013-08-27Remove excessive 'slug' parameter from services.Timur Sufiev
2013-08-27Merge "Domain name validation regexp changed" into release-0.2Jenkins
2013-08-27Merge "Fix instance count field for farm services." into release-0.2Jenkins
2013-08-27Merge "Resolved issue with SQL Cluster validation" into release-0.2Jenkins
2013-08-27Resolved issue with SQL Cluster validationSerg Melikyan
2013-08-27Fix instance count field for farm services.Timur Sufiev
2013-08-27Fix YAQL processing in units template.Timur Sufiev
2013-08-27Domain name validation regexp changedStan Lagun
2013-08-26Moved YAQL to PyPISerg Melikyan
2013-08-26Added ability to specify services locationSerg Melikyan
2013-08-23Replaced AD Domain Name with DNS Domain Name restrictionSerg Melikyan
2013-08-22Merge "Change datagrid field to work with units templates." into release-0.2Jenkins
2013-08-22Change datagrid field to work with units templates.Timur Sufiev
2013-08-22Send to API full murano_image_info with image nameSerg Melikyan
2013-08-22Fix downloading and installing YAQL on CentOS.Timur Sufiev