AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-11-22Updated requirements to python-muranoclient v0.30.3release-0.3Serg Melikyan
2013-11-21Removed unnecessary filesSerg Melikyan
2013-11-19Resolved issue with details-page0.3rcSerg Melikyan
2013-11-18Sync service3 & service5 foldersSerg Melikyan
2013-11-05Stripping error messages in services listSerg Melikyan
2013-11-05Fixed issue when '# is required' with 1 instanceSerg Melikyan
2013-10-31scheme3 & scheme5Stan Lagun
2013-10-30Fix importing ordereddict for python2.7 (ubuntu).Timur Sufiev
2013-10-25Apache Service addedAlexander Tivelkov
2013-10-24Fix drop-down lists in IE9.Timur Sufiev
2013-10-24Fix not working widgetMedia in boolean fields.Timur Sufiev
2013-10-23Remove djblets from Sufiev
2013-10-23Merge "Resolved issue with checkbox layouts" into release-0.3Jenkins
2013-10-23Resolved issue with checkbox layoutsSerg Melikyan
2013-10-23Fix name for clusterIp propertySerg Melikyan
2013-10-16LinuxTelnet service UI description addedAlexander Tivelkov
2013-10-14No need to restart Web-server now to see changes in dynamic UI.Timur Sufiev
2013-10-11Added image filtering to existing servicesSerg Melikyan
2013-10-11Added ability to use own title for imageSerg Melikyan
2013-10-11Different issues with image metadata formsSerg Melikyan
2013-10-10Fix issue with name in metadataSerg Melikyan
2013-10-10Added ability to filter Murano images by typeSerg Melikyan
2013-10-04Merge "Fix problems with customized HorizonMiddleware on development server."Jenkins
2013-10-04Fix problems with customized HorizonMiddleware on development server.Timur Sufiev
2013-10-04Fix typo in new codeefedorova
2013-10-04Merge "Fix dashboard's error handling on production servers."Jenkins
2013-10-04Support Murano Imagesefedorova
2013-10-04Fix dashboard's error handling on production servers.Timur Sufiev
2013-10-03Remove ident between header and content in SQL cluster tableefedorova
2013-10-03Fix placeholder value saved on form submit in IEefedorova
2013-10-03Remove djblets package from murano-dashboard.Timur Sufiev
2013-10-02Fix typo in logging statement.Timur Sufiev
2013-10-02Cherry-pick from release-0.2: "Add demo service"Ekaterina Fedorova
2013-09-25Add mininum logging to dynamicUIEkaterina Fedorova
2013-09-24Forbit closing on the backdrop. Part2Ekaterina Fedorova
2013-09-24Forbid form closing on the backdrop clickEkaterina Fedorova
2013-09-20Extend logging in murano-dashboardEkaterina Fedorova
2013-09-16Set Django version to support smart_bytesEkaterina Fedorova
2013-09-13Merge "Fix wrong owner and group for murano-dashboard.log."Jenkins
2013-09-13Fix Availability Group Name validation in MS SQL Cluster form.Timur Sufiev
2013-09-13Fix wrong owner and group for murano-dashboard.log.Timur Sufiev
2013-09-12Make field validation to be conditional.Timur Sufiev
2013-09-12Revert "Register regexp testing function in yaql context for dynamic UI."Timur Sufiev
2013-09-11Register regexp testing function in yaql context for dynamic UI.Timur Sufiev
2013-09-11Merge "Show all form-level validation errors, not only one."Jenkins
2013-09-10Show all form-level validation errors, not only one.Timur Sufiev
2013-09-10Cherry-pick changes from release-0.2.Timur Sufiev
2013-09-09Updated requirements for python-muranoclientSerg Melikyan
2013-09-04Move muranodashboard logs to a separate file.Timur Sufiev
2013-09-03Add logger.Timur Sufiev