AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-12-26Fix the misspelling of "configuration"HEADmasterlijunjie
2018-12-04Change openstack-dev to openstack-discussVieri
2018-10-08fix tox python3 overrides98k
2018-09-26fix tox python3 overridesDoug Hellmann
2018-08-23import zuul job settings from project-config98k
2018-05-13Trivial: updat pypi url to new urlXiaojueGuan
2018-01-07Agent message signing specStan Lagun
2017-07-13Spec for encryption of Murano PL propertiesPaul Bourke
2017-06-02Update spec repo configKirill Zaitsev
2017-04-28Implement policy in codeFelipe Monteiro
2017-02-14Merge "Use upper-constraints for tox envs"Jenkins
2017-02-04Fix typo in murano-agent-timeouts.rstzhangyanxian
2017-01-20Fix typo in env-configuration-from-cli.rstzhangyanxian
2017-01-12Use upper-constraints for tox envsRajiv Kumar
2016-11-25Show team and repo badges on READMEFlavio Percoco
2016-10-23Changed the home-page of murano-specs in setup.cfgnizam
2016-10-05Merge "Spec on capability to edit existing environment properties"Jenkins
2016-10-03Merge "Metadata Assignment And Propagation"Jenkins
2016-10-03Spec on capability to edit existing environment propertiesValerii Kovalchuk
2016-10-03Fix typo: remove redundant 'the'Luong Anh Tuan
2016-09-30Move specs to corresponding foldersTetiana Lashchova
2016-09-29Metadata Assignment And PropagationAlexander Tivelkov
2016-09-27Merge "Spec for MuranoPL application policies"Jenkins
2016-09-20Update spec on App dev framework to match the implementationValerii Kovalchuk
2016-09-20Spec for MuranoPL application policiesValerii Kovalchuk
2016-09-19Update GC spec with implementation detailsValerii Kovalchuk
2016-09-15Clean imports in codeNguyen Hung Phuong
2016-08-22Merge "Dependency-driven multi-step resource deallocation"Jenkins
2016-08-22Dependency-driven multi-step resource deallocationAlexander Tivelkov
2016-08-11Merge "Spec for validation tool for Murano Application Packages"Jenkins
2016-08-11Spec for validation tool for Murano Application PackagesAlexander Saprykin
2016-08-08Merge "Add more details to metadata spec problem description"Jenkins
2016-08-04Merge "Application Development Framework"Jenkins
2016-08-01Application Development FrameworkAlexander Tivelkov
2016-07-29Add more details to metadata spec problem descriptionValerii Kovalchuk
2016-07-29Merge "MuranoPL forms spec"Jenkins
2016-07-20MuranoPL forms specStan Lagun
2016-07-19Merge "Clearwater vIMS implementation spec"Jenkins
2016-07-19Clearwater vIMS implementation specKonstantin Snihyr
2016-06-24Merge "Spec for MuranoPL static actions"Jenkins
2016-06-20Spec for MuranoPL static actionsStan Lagun
2016-06-20Merge "Support for Service Function Chaining in Murano"Jenkins
2016-06-15Support for Service Function Chaining in MuranoBartosz Kupidura
2016-06-14Merge "Change the naming scheme for MuranoPL plugins"Jenkins
2016-06-10Change the naming scheme for MuranoPL pluginsAlexander Tivelkov
2016-05-05Fix tables in env-template specDmytro Dovbii
2016-03-11Move rework_exceptions spec to newtonKirill Zaitsev
2016-03-11Create placeholders for newton specsKirill Zaitsev
2016-02-28MuranoPL metadata spec was updated to match implementationStan Lagun
2016-02-19Merge "Service API SDK"Jenkins