BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFix config type of run_service_broker_tests to BooleanChandan Kumar34 hours
mssql[KEERO-96] Written outbound mirroring endpoint initialization code.Dmitry Korotkov4 years
release-0.1Merge "Added retry logic for RabbitMQ connection" into release-0.1Jenkins4 years
release-0.2Fix to not use 2to1.Timur Sufiev4 years
release-0.3Updated requirements to murano-common v0.3Serg Melikyan3 years
release-0.4Update requirements for a release-0.4.1Ekaterina Fedorova3 years
release-0.5Merge "Fix a bug when the same method could be run concurrently by 2 threads"...Jenkins3 years
stable/mitakaPrepare for using standard python testsAndreas Jaeger2 months
stable/newtonMerge "ExistingNeutronNetwork didn't return IPs for the instance" into stable...Jenkins4 weeks
stable/ocataFix config type of run_service_broker_tests to BooleanChandan Kumar18 hours
TagDownloadAuthorAge e7e8167d2f...OpenStack Release Bot13 days
3.2.0commit fbee4043ee...OpenStack Release Bot2 months
3.1.0commit 3d8559b4e6...OpenStack Release Bot3 months
liberty-eolcommit dc9c0d51b3...Joshua Hesketh4 months
3.0.0commit 76e7d9e3ad...OpenStack Release Bot7 months 76e7d9e3ad...OpenStack Release Bot7 months 62f1a0fcf2...OpenStack Release Bot7 months b1b57a2b7b...OpenStack Release Bot8 months
2.0.2commit 521f031490...OpenStack Release Bot8 months 62a5d2e3b5...Davanum Srinivas9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
34 hoursFix config type of run_service_broker_tests to BooleanHEADmasterChandan Kumar
5 daysFix doc generation for Python3M V P Nitesh
5 daysMerge "Add mising timeout to ApplicationCatalogClient"Jenkins
5 daysMerge "Added opportunity import packages without tags"Jenkins
5 daysMerge "Adding bandit.yaml configuration to bandit"Jenkins
5 daysMerge "Add `nosec` for Bandit issue 506 in"Jenkins
5 daysAdded opportunity import packages without tagsArtem Tiumentcev
5 daysMake murano auth with murano_auth section instend of keystone_authtokenzhurong
6 daysAdding bandit.yaml configuration to banditTin Lam
6 daysAdd mising timeout to ApplicationCatalogClientPaul Bourke