AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-03-03[KEERO-96] Written outbound mirroring endpoint initialization code.mssqlDmitry Korotkov
2013-03-03[KEERO-96] Added documentation to the OptionParser moduleDmitry Korotkov
2013-03-03[KEERO-96] Implemented standalone SQL Server 2012 installer. Moved SQL Server...Dmitry Korotkov
2013-03-02[KEERO-96] Implemented standalone SQL Server 2012 installerDmitry Korotkov
2013-03-01[KEERO-96] Added support for required parameters & defaultsDmitry Korotkov
2013-03-01[KEERO-96] Implemented skeleton of MSSQL server setup command line parserDmitry Korotkov
2013-02-25Fixed urls for dashboard.Demo02252013Timur Nurlygayanov
2013-02-25Fixed Web UI for demo.Timur Nurlygayanov
2013-02-25Merge "Unattended files added"Timur Nurlygayanov
2013-02-25windc iteration2Stan Lagun
2013-02-24Added WebUI for correct configuration of new service AD.Timur Nurlygayanov
2013-02-22Resolved issue with datacenter id.Timur Nurlygayanov
2013-02-22Resolved issue with datacenter id.Timur Nurlygayanov
2013-02-22Fixed many small issues.Timur Nurlygayanov
2013-02-21Fixed typo.Timur Nurlygayanov
2013-02-21Merge changes I58d823ec,I5873d361Timur Nurlygayanov
2013-02-21Merge "[KEERO-83] Windows Agent initial implementation"Timur Nurlygayanov
2013-02-21Fixed KEERO-89Timur Nurlygayanov
2013-02-20Fixed issue with data centersGeorgy Okrokvertskhov
2013-02-20Added services functions to client. Need to be tested.Georgy Okrokvertskhov
2013-02-21[KEERO-83] Windows Agent: Ability to reboot machine after execution plan is e...Stan Lagun
2013-02-20[KEERO-83] Windows Agent: Typo fixes + sample values in configStan Lagun
2013-02-20[KEERO-83] Windows Agent initial implementationStan Lagun
2013-02-20Added operations for chef. They might be remove if we decide to not use chef.Georgy Okrokvertskhov
2013-02-20Fixed small issues.Timur Nurlygayanov
2013-02-19Fixed KEERO-85.Timur Nurlygayanov
2013-02-19Fixed issue with virtual environment SQLAlchemy library.Timur Nurlygayanov
2013-02-19Added library libsqlite3-dev to virtual environment for windc client.Timur Nurlygayanov
2013-02-19Added new functional to dashboard, fixed small issues.Timur Nurlygayanov
2013-02-18Added windc API client, sync repo with dev box.Timur Nurlygayanov
2013-02-16Added new files.Timur Nurlygayanov
2013-02-16Updated design. Removed extra code.Timur Nurlygayanov
2013-02-15Merge changes I766fe43c,I352ab3d2,I1b8aef4eGeorgiy Okrokvertskhov
2013-02-151. Added support of CloudFormation templates. Made a simple interface to buil...Georgy Okrokvertskhov
2013-02-15Added additional fields for Domain Controller.Timur Nurlygayanov
2013-02-15Added simple form for configuration Domen Controllers and IIS Servers.Timur Nurlygayanov
2013-02-14Fixed small problems with links and titles on pages.Timur Nurlygayanov
2013-02-14Fixed small problems with links and titles on pages.Timur Nurlygayanov
2013-02-13Added initial project for horizon dashboardTimur Nurlygayanov
2013-02-121. Added builders support. Each builder is a class dynamically loaded fromGeorgy Okrokvertskhov
2013-02-111. Fixed issue with main file start ./bin/windc-apiGeorgy Okrokvertskhov
2013-02-09Initial version of the Windows DataCenter project. It is openstak-skeleton ba...Georgy Okrokvertskhov
2013-02-07Unattended files addedDmitry Teselkin
2013-02-04Initial empty repositoryAlexander Shlykov