AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-06-17Merge "Added retry logic for RabbitMQ connection" into release-0.10.1release-0.1Jenkins
2013-06-17Added retry logic for RabbitMQ connectionSerg Melikyan
2013-06-17Fixed setup script directory search pathIgor Yozhikov
2013-06-14Merge "Removed include of requirements.txt, add include of tools/pip=requires...Jenkins
2013-06-14Merge "Resolved issues with configuration file" into release-0.1Jenkins
2013-06-14Fixed setup.shTimur Nurlygayanov
2013-06-14Resolved issues with configuration fileSerg Melikyan
2013-06-10Removed include of requirements.txt, add include ofIgor Yozhikov
2013-06-10Resolve issues with services creationSerg Melikyan
2013-06-07Merge "Return 404 when delete non existing service" into release-0.1Jenkins
2013-06-07Return 404 when delete non existing serviceSerg Melikyan
2013-06-06Merge "Resolved sqlalchemy warning" into release-0.1Jenkins
2013-06-06Improved install/uninstall process through pipIgor Yozhikov
2013-06-06Resolved sqlalchemy warningSerg Melikyan
2013-06-05Added and LICENSESerg Melikyan
2013-06-05Resolved Bug #1186804Serg Melikyan
2013-05-29Fixed Environment::GetSerg Melikyan
2013-05-28Fix import in systemservicesSerg Melikyan
2013-05-28Support for ASP.NET apps git-based deploymentStan Lagun
2013-05-28Fix issue with deploy APISerg Melikyan
2013-05-27Resolve issues with requestion list of servicesSerg Melikyan
2013-05-27Resolved issues with Environment::GetSerg Melikyan
2013-05-27Handle some divergence casesSerg Melikyan
2013-05-27Merge "New way of session handling"Jenkins
2013-05-27New way of session handlingSerg Melikyan
2013-05-26Resolved issue with loggingSerg Melikyan
2013-05-24Resolve issues with service deletionSerg Melikyan
2013-05-24Changed output messagesIgor Yozhikov
2013-05-23Support for ASP.NET apps git-based deploymentStan Lagun
2013-05-22Merge "Cleaned-up request.context code"Jenkins
2013-05-21Add CentOS setup script and modified ubuntu scriptIgor Yozhikov
2013-05-21Cleaned-up request.context codeSerg Melikyan
2013-05-21Merge "Add to project murano-api"Jenkins
2013-05-21Add to project murano-apiIgor Yozhikov
2013-05-21Fixed issue with service deletionSerg Melikyan
2013-05-20Resolve issue with circular dependeciesSerg Melikyan
2013-05-16Add .gitreview file.Serg Melikyan
2013-04-26Rename misc filesStan Lagun
2013-04-26Rename configsStan Lagun
2013-04-25Merge pull request #1 from Mirantis/KEERO-315Serg Melikyan
2013-04-25KEERO-315 - Fix all occurrences of old names (keero, glazier) in REST APIStan Lagun
2013-04-18Fix name of the entrypoint striptSerg Melikyan
2013-04-09Removed all projects except Glazier ApiSerg Melikyan
2013-04-08Small fixes for unit tests.Timur Nurlygayanov
2013-04-08Merge "Fixed issue with length of new name."Timur Nurlygayanov
2013-04-08Fixed issue with length of new name.Timur Nurlygayanov
2013-04-08Merge "Fixed small issue."Timur Nurlygayanov
2013-04-08Fixed small issue.Timur Nurlygayanov
2013-04-08Merge "Fixed issue with names."Timur Nurlygayanov
2013-04-08Fixed issue with names.Timur Nurlygayanov