AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-10-01Fix to not use 2to1. Sufiev
2013-09-27Cherry-Pick from masterSerg Melikyan
2013-09-25Cherry-pick from master0.2.1Ekaterina Fedorova
2013-09-20Changed default config values to match RabbitMQ defaultsStan Lagun
2013-09-13RabbitMQ SSL parameters were not passed to MqClient for certain types of oper...Stan Lagun
2013-09-09Updated requirements for murano-commonSerg Melikyan
2013-09-04Fix leaking password in murano-api logs.0.2Timur Sufiev
2013-08-30Changed default values of vhost, login, passwordrc10.2rc1Igor Marnat
2013-08-26Updated SQLAlchemy requirementSerg Melikyan
2013-08-26Added function to clean deployment descriptionSerg Melikyan
2013-08-20Add 0.2 prefix to versionEkaterina Fedorova
2013-08-20Add libffi prerequisites supportIgor Yozhikov
2013-08-15Added ability to post few services at onceSerg Melikyan
2013-08-09Merge "Resolved issue MRN-751"Jenkins
2013-08-09Resolved issue MRN-751Serg Melikyan
2013-08-09Merge "Merge all migrations to one"Jenkins
2013-08-09Merge all migrations to oneSerg Melikyan
2013-08-08Merge "Resolved bug MRN-719"Jenkins
2013-08-07Resolved bug MRN-719Serg Melikyan
2013-08-07Resolved MRN-704Serg Melikyan
2013-07-31Fixed a bug with error and warning state countAlexander Tivelkov
2013-07-31API now gets and handles conductor exceptionsAlexander Tivelkov
2013-07-31Merge "Resolved bug MRN-699"Jenkins
2013-07-31Merge "Fixed MRN-680"Jenkins
2013-07-31Fixed MRN-680Alexander Tivelkov
2013-07-31Merge "Resolve MRN-682"Jenkins
2013-07-31Resolved bug MRN-699Serg Melikyan
2013-07-31Add info about ssl configuration to murano-api.confEkaterina Fedorova
2013-07-30Resolve MRN-682Serg Melikyan
2013-07-29Updated to muranocommon 0.2 with SSL supportStan Lagun
2013-07-26Merge "Migrated to Murano Common"Jenkins
2013-07-25Migrated to Murano CommonSerg Melikyan
2013-07-22Increment environmentEkaterina Fedorova
2013-07-19Merge "lastStatus introduced"Jenkins
2013-07-19lastStatus introducedAlexander Tivelkov
2013-07-18Fixed injectinit functionIgor Yozhikov
2013-07-18Modified pip search, garbage deletedIgor Yozhikov
2013-07-17Deployment description is not hidden anymoreAlexander Tivelkov
2013-07-17Fix jsonschema version in pip-requiresEkaterina Fedorova
2013-07-16Merge "Added non existent environment verification"Jenkins
2013-07-16Merge "Removed extra param from config"Jenkins
2013-07-16Merge "Resolved MRN-576"Jenkins
2013-07-16Added non existent environment verificationSerg Melikyan
2013-07-16Removed extra param from configSerg Melikyan
2013-07-16Resolved MRN-576Serg Melikyan
2013-07-16Resolved issue with session deleteSerg Melikyan
2013-07-15Corrections in edge-case output in Deployments APIAlexander Tivelkov
2013-07-15Deployment logs fetchingAlexander Tivelkov
2013-07-15Remove obsolete codeSerg Melikyan
2013-07-15Added ability to remove servicesSerg Melikyan