AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
12 daysrootwrap: add networking_6wind.filtersHEADmasterValentina Krasnobaeva
12 daysagent/server: don't check product name and versionValentina Krasnobaeva
12 dayscommon/constants: sort and rename some constantsValentina Krasnobaeva
12 daysnetworking_6wind/common: rename get_vif_vhostuser_socketValentina Krasnobaeva
12 daysagent/server: use fp-vdev-remote to get sock settingsValentina Krasnobaeva
13 daysnetworking_6wind: delete monkey_patchValentina Krasnobaeva
13 daysagent/server: supress pidoff fp-rte outputValentina Krasnobaeva
2019-01-15ml2_drivers/mech_driver: check OVS agent statusValentina Krasnobaeva
2019-01-08ml2_drivers/mech_driver: remove internal cacheValentina Krasnobaeva
2018-06-04agent/server: use _LE translator from networking_6windValentina Krasnobaeva
2018-06-04agent/server: fix pathes to product name/version filesValentina Krasnobaeva
2018-06-04agent/server: update importsValentina Krasnobaeva
2018-06-04agent/ use common_config to setup_loggingValentina Krasnobaeva
2018-06-04ml2_drivers/mech_ovs_fp: update get_vif_* function signaturesValentina Krasnobaeva
2016-12-23agent: use neutron compliant fastpath agentFrancesco Santoro
2016-11-29scripts: add script for vcpu pin set generationFrancesco Santoro
2016-11-28Merge "TrivialFix: Clean imports in code"Jenkins
2016-11-08devstack: support for multinode scenariosFrancesco Santoro
2016-11-08devstack: avoid to overwrite fastpath conf if it already existsFrancesco Santoro
2016-09-23devstack: update fastpath installationFrancesco Santoro
2016-09-23TrivialFix: Clean imports in codeNguyen Hung Phuong
2016-09-22Merge "utils: remove unused check_fp_offload method"Jenkins
2016-09-20utils: remove unused check_fp_offload methodFrancesco Santoro
2016-09-20py33 is no longer supported by Infra's CIavnish
2016-09-16mech_driver: rework both mechanism driversmitaka-eolFrancesco Santoro
2016-09-16rpc_server: add rpc-server for fp detectionFrancesco Santoro
2016-08-20Remove reference to neutron.i18nDoug Wiegley
2016-01-08Merge "Change repositories from stackforge to openstack"Jenkins
2015-12-23remove python 2.6 trove classifierDoug Hellmann
2015-12-18Change repositories from stackforge to openstackvenkatamahesh
2015-11-13add lb-fp ml2 mechanism driver and agentMaxime Leroy
2015-11-12move into ml2_drivers/openvswitch/mech_driverMaxime Leroy
2015-11-01rewrite explication about fast path in READMEMaxime Leroy
2015-10-20Merge "networking_6wind: use fp-vdev script instead of fp-cli"Jenkins
2015-10-17Update .gitreview for new namespaceJeremy Stanley
2015-10-16networking_6wind: use fp-vdev script instead of fp-cliMaxime Leroy
2015-10-12Merge "devstack: fix small typos in write_fast_path_conf"Jenkins
2015-10-08networking_6wind: remove vif_ovs_fp_plug scriptMaxime Leroy
2015-10-08use hotplug feature to create/delete new vhostuser portMaxime Leroy
2015-10-08devstack: use core_port_mapping autoconfig featureMaxime Leroy
2015-10-06Merge "devstack/settings: reduce memory usage"Jenkins
2015-10-06Merge "devstack: new FP_GREEN_MODE option"Jenkins
2015-10-02devstack/settings: reduce memory usageMaxime Leroy
2015-10-02devstack: new FP_GREEN_MODE optionMaxime Leroy
2015-10-02devstack: fix small typos in write_fast_path_confMaxime Leroy
2015-10-02devstack: update package after adding ppa:6wind/virt-mq-ppa repoMaxime Leroy
2015-09-29add monkey patch for vhostuser ports plug/unplugFrancesco Santoro
2015-09-28use nova HEAD branch for devstack buildFrancesco Santoro
2015-09-25Merge "add support for hugepages to nova flavors"Jenkins
2015-09-25add support for hugepages to nova flavorsFrancesco Santoro