AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2016-12-22Add gitreview fileHEADmasterMonty Taylor
2016-12-20Removal of build directoriesradhika
Removed all the build related files and directories like debian, images and rpm.
2016-12-18Enhancements to Cumulus ML2 Mechanism driverradhika
Changes in this commit: - Added README.rst with configuration details - Added configuration details to ml2_conf_cumulus.ini - Added for devstack - Few unit test cases are added - Fixed dependency issues in tox.ini
2016-12-143.2 Cumulus Linux release changesradhika
Changes in this commit - Renamed the repo to networking-cumulus and the package to networking_Cumulus - Addition of caching and replaying of the configuration using the neutron database. - Additional configurable parameters to control sync timer, spf and to create vlan aware/non aware bridges. These can be configured at global level and not per switch. - Addition of Vxlan type driver support - Added Internationalization (I18n) support - Used cookiecutter template to prepare the repo for openstack.
2016-08-25Adding rpm and deb imagesradhika
2016-08-17Fixed the import statement in driver.pyradhika
Ticket: None Reviewed By: None Testing Done: ML2 demo setup Neutron server start was failing becuase of the incorrect import statement for mech_driver in
2016-08-17Correct version of the ML2 package for EAJohn Berezovik
2016-08-15Fix for network delete failureradhika
Ticket: CM-12268 Reviewed By: None Testing Done: ML2 demo setup The vxlan delete rest api command was failing when network was being deleted because the rest api url was missing the network id. Fixed the Url syntax.
2016-08-12Changed changelog for the 3.1 releaseradhika
Ticket: None Reviewed By: None Testing Done: None Updated the changelog for the 3.1 release.
2016-08-12Fix for copying ml2_cumulus.ini in correct directory.radhika
Ticket: CM-12268 Reviewed By: None Testing Done: Unit The ml2_cumulus.ini file wasn't getting copied because ml2_cumulus.ini directory was getting created instead copying the files to ml2 diretory. Fixed the data_files syntax in setup.cfg
2016-08-10Fix the debian packagingradhika
Ticket: CM-12268 Reviewed By: None Testing Done: Unit Deb package for cumulus-ml2 module wasn't getting created properly. Because of this files were not getting installed when the package is installed. Fixed the path of the destination directory where files had to be copied and also added explicit copy command to copy the ml2_cumulus.ini in the setup.cfg file.
2016-08-09fix up python setupkanna
remove un-necessary files change default port to 8000 Ticket: CM-XXXX Reviewed By: None Testing Done: python setup
2016-07-22fix debian build/packagingkanna
Ticket: CM-XXX Reviewed By: None Testing Done: sbuild
2016-06-23Initial Commitradhika