AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-01-12Merge "H402 hacking have been deprecated"HEADmasterJenkins
2017-01-12Merge "Use tempest instead of Tempest-lib"Jenkins
2017-01-06H402 hacking have been deprecatedKalaswan Datta
2016-12-04Delete deprecated Hacking in tox.inigengchc2
2016-11-22Use tempest instead of Tempest-libghanshyam
2016-11-20Merge "migrate attribute/constant imports to neutron-lib"Jenkins
2016-11-17Fix Delete() operation for Endpoints using Security GroupsMuneeb Ahmad
2016-11-17Merge "Allow same EPG to be added to multiple Endpoints"Jenkins
2016-11-16migrate attribute/constant imports to neutron-libMuhammad Sagheer
2016-11-16Merge "migrate model_base imports to neutron-lib"Jenkins
2016-11-16migrate model_base imports to neutron-libMuhammad Sagheer
2016-11-15migrate exception imports to neutron-libMuhammad Sagheer
2016-11-15Allow same EPG to be added to multiple EndpointsMuneeb Ahmad
2016-11-15Ensure single Policy Tag and EPG associationMuneeb Ahmad
2016-11-15Restrict Policy Rule API usageMuneeb Ahmad
2016-11-15Merge "Allow context based classification in endpoint API"Jenkins
2016-11-14Allow context based classification in endpoint APIMuawia Khan
2016-11-14Fix port ownership while deleting shared network portMuhammad Sagheer
2016-11-14Merge "Fix for tempest network api test"Jenkins
2016-11-14Add support in endpoint APIs to support security groupsMuawia Khan
2016-11-14Fix for tempest network api testMuhammad Sagheer
2016-11-10Rename DB columns: tenant -> projectMuawia Khan
2016-09-05Support DOT1q and NSH tag types to be associated with Endpoint GroupsMuneeb Ahmad
2016-08-31Support association of Policy Tag API with existing Security GroupsMuneeb Ahmad
2016-08-30Support remote tenant/policy service for Policy VTAPMuawia Khan
2016-08-30Merge "Adding support for Active/Standby mode in PAP"Jenkins
2016-08-29Improve roll back for create PAP APIShahbaz Nazir
2016-08-29Adding support for Active/Standby mode in PAPShahbaz Nazir
2016-08-27Add API and CLI tests for Policy APIsMuawia Khan
2016-08-26Support both policy-tag name/uuid to be associated with Endpoint GroupsMuneeb Ahmad
2016-08-25Fix policy tag creation for multiple client tenantsMuneeb Ahmad
2016-08-19Merge "Enable DeprecationWarning in test environments"Jenkins
2016-08-19Introduce Policy APIsMuneeb Ahmad
2016-08-18Merge "Fix failing gate for networking-plumgrid"Jenkins
2016-08-18Fix failing gate for networking-plumgridMuneeb Ahmad
2016-08-09Enable DeprecationWarning in test environmentsHenry Gessau
2016-06-26Removed unused utilsmitaka-eolFawad Khaliq
2016-06-17Adding support for local shared network horizon workflowShahbaz Nazir
2016-05-20update subnet data for plumlibFawad Khaliq
2016-05-20Fix for negative floating ip testsHamza Zafar
2016-05-20Upgrade CLI Tests for changes in python-neutronclienthamzazafar
2016-05-03Tempest Test Cases for Transit Domains and PAPInam Taj
2016-05-03Merge "Adding base service client and base test class to tempest plugin - ba...Jenkins
2016-04-28Adding base service client and base test class to tempest pluginShahbaz Nazir
2016-04-28Merge "Fix: plumgrid tempest plugin config adds duplicate code from tempest c...Jenkins
2016-04-27Fix: plumgrid tempest plugin config adds duplicate code from tempest configShahbaz Nazir
2016-04-26Minor fixes: PAP and provider network APIs don't support usingShahbaz Nazir
2016-04-15Adding support to use name instead of UUID for PAP and transit domain APIsShahbaz Nazir
2016-04-12Add IPv6 support in PLUMgrid PluginMuneeb Ahmad
2016-04-12Use local Python i18n locale moduleMuneeb Ahmad