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masterUpdate README and ChangeLog for 17.10Ian Wells45 hours
17.10commit 19503474ac...Ian Wells45 hours
17.07.1commit 6194dd1ffb...Ian Wells4 months
17.07commit 4dbeba3b93...Ian Wells4 months
17.04commit d30c1b9c6a...Ian Wells7 months
17.01commit 4a62eb120f...Ian Wells10 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
45 hoursUpdate README and ChangeLog for 17.10HEAD17.10masterIan Wells
45 hoursL3 router service plugin enhancementNaveen Joy
2017-11-01Add compat layer for driver_api fileIan Wells
2017-11-01Add missing file required for devstack runsIan Wells
2017-11-01Bump VPP version to 17.10Ian Wells
2017-11-01Fix main function to match setup.cfgIan Wells
2017-10-31Merge "changes needed to maintain parity with the changes in sw_interface_set...Zuul Updating neutron.plugins module nameShriram Chander
2017-10-11Add compatibility for ml2 config moduleIan Wells
2017-10-11Restructure and comment main routine for agentIan Wells